I can hardly believe it - my baby has just turned 17 today. Where have all the years gone?
She has turned from the cutest wee girl into a beautiful and thoughtful young lady.  She is in her last year of school and is hoping to go to university when she leaves school. 
Her whole life is ahead of her - who knows where it will take her. I am sure she will be successful in anything she wants to turn her hand to. 

Karen asked her what she wanted for a birthday cake. Emma said - wait for it - a 'Jammy Dodger'. Now if you don't know what a jammy dodger is it is a biscuit with a jam filling.  Rather tasty I might add lol.

This is what Karen produced.

 The smaller version at the front is the biscuit the big one at the back is Karen's cake. Emma was well chuffed with it :))

 Laura has had to go away to Milton Keynes with her work this week so she is missing Emma's birthday which I know she feels bad about. We will just have to celebrate again when she comes home.


Happy Birthday Emma!! That cake looks so interesting - you should post the recipe. I am kind of intrigued about what exactly a Biscuit cake is. Didn't Prince William have one for his birthday? It looks really cool - and very much like the cookie.
Happy Birthday Emma, that cake looks wonderful.
Yes where do the years disappear to. There is such a lot I would like to do but time is never on my side!! Diane
Anne said…
Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! The cake looks fabulous! I love jammie dodgers!!
Jill said…
Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! I hope she has a wonderful day and enjoys that delightful looking cake.
TexWisGirl said…
happy birthday to your youngest!!! wow, your cake daughter is talented!!! truly!
Beautiful girl, and a fun looking tasty biscuit.

Have a wonderful day - marsha
deb duty said…
Happy Birthday to Emma! Alec will turn 17 this year too. It's just too fast! Her cake looks delicious!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Happy birthday to Emma. I see an empty nest looming in your future Mum! What a lovely cake Karen produced.
busybusybeejay said…
Happy birthday Emma.Its my birthday today as well.hope you have had agreat day.
Janie said…
Your daughter is beautiful.
They grow up way too fast.
Thanks for telling me what a Jammy Dodger is!
I had no clue, would of had to google it.
This is one kind of biscuit I would love to make and sample. Looks so lovely, and yummy.
Sush said…
Awww what a love and I know what you mean about growing up so fast.
Sounds like a lovely party and one that will be repeated! Happy Birthday Emma!
Rose said…
Tell her happy belated birthday!!! She is beautiful!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie.
What a beautiful lady your youngest daughter Emma has become!!! You're a proud, happy mother♡♡♡
My belated happy birthday to her.
And I never heard of 'Jammy Dodger'; wow sure looks yummy cake♬♬♬
Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

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