Shades of Green

I really like all the different shades of green and brown in these grasses. I had to snap it quick as it was a bit blowy.

I was supposed to go to the gym (curves) today - start of my new year health kick. But when I got home from work I couldn't work up the energy to go. How bad is that!!! You know the thing is I know I will feel better if I do go.

I can just imagine what Dan will say when he reads this.

Oh well, I'll see if I can manage to go tomorrow. 


I never feel like going when I get home from work, but usually once I get there I feel better. Sometimes I tell myself I will just do an easy workout and then sometimes those are my best days...
TexWisGirl said…
oh, ellie! not a good way to start off with your new fitness regime! but never too late to start!
Lisa said…
Love that photo! I was wondering - what kind of camera do you have? Do yo have a macro lens?

I haven't had any energy this week at all. I need to get off my butt and start exercising too. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow?
Jill said…
The hardest step it the FIRST step. Tomorrow is a new day. I know just how you feel. Took me awhile but I ust finally started Weight Watchers (again).
Sandra said…
It's really hard to go workout after work but I support you in making it work. Whenever you can, mornings are so much easier to least for me!
Sush said…
You'll get er done I'm sure in the meantime I love your photo!
Rose said…
At least you have something planned to do health wise...I need to do something and just keep putting it off.
I love the colors of the grass also. I know what you mean about working out, it is hard to do after a long day of work. But I think that it is worth making yourself do it, I always feel so much better.
Karen said…
A great composition Ellie!
Paul said…
I love the 3D effect of the photo! I find running a lot easier to organise than going to a gym. Maybe you could get out and walk or walk / run when short on time and inclination! Just a thought!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I admire your effort!!! I really am not good at exercising.
Oh, wonderful shot of green☆☆☆
Your pictures always amaze me, my friend♬♬♬
Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*
Dianna said…
I know what you mean about not having energy to exercise. I try to walk every morning, but recently, it hasn't been happening!
Kayla said…
The only time I can ever exercise at when I have already exercised in the morning. I have to get up early and force myself to do it before the day begins...or it will not happen. I still don't like it...but it gets done. Don't beat yourself will get there!

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