Our Sunday Afternoon

 What we did today.

Well Karen and I decided this afternoon that as it was a lovely bright, but windy, day we would go out.  We decided to visit Eglinton Country Estate.  So off we went. 
I spotted this unusual lamp at the entrance. (see that blue sky).

We weren't really dressed for a walk in the mud - and it was fairly muddy - but we persevered, even when it started raining 
We kept going for a wee while until it got heavy when we decided to cut our losses and head back to the car.
By the time we got to the car the rain had eased off a wee bit and we saw this lovely rainbow.

And then the heavens opened - but all was not lost I quite liked the rain on the window and thought it might make a different kind of picture.

 Then we drove back to town to go and see Emma at her work (she works as a waitress in a cafe/restuarant)  When we got there she was just finished her shift so we stayed and I had a very lovely coffee.

And the girls had a lemonade.

So all in all it wasn't a bad day.

The End, lol

Hope you all had a good Sunday.


TexWisGirl said…
i do like the shot thru the windshield! :)
Lisa said…
The rainbow photo is so lovely - and it looks like you had a fun-filled day, in spite of the rain!
Rose said…
Enjoy your girls while they are still near...and it sounds like you do. I miss my girls being close...
Liesl said…
I love the rainbow and the pic through the drenched window! You live in a beautiful place Ellie!
Jeanne said…
what a fun outing, and how nice to be able to do things with your lovely girls. Photo through the windshield is pretty cool.... sorry about the rain but the rainbow was a bonus! Cheers! Jeanne
Jill said…
Great photos! That is a lovely lamp, indeed. Really enjoyed the shots of the rain through the windshield and the straw in the glass!
Lea White said…
I loved the photo of the lamp and the one with the rain on the window is stunning! What a cool way to show off your day :-)
Mira said…
Looks like you had a pretty good day!
Giga said…
Tęcza na niebie wszystko wynagrodziła :-). Pozdrawiam. ** A rainbow in the sky all worthwhile :-). Yours
Karen said…
Oh, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Great shots, and seeing a rainbow is always special!
A perfect day for one of those fancy coffees! :)
I love that lamp - it's a beautiful fixture. I also like seeing all of the cobblestone buildings. We don't see that very often here and the really are beautiful buildings. Your latte looks yummy - I had a skinny mocha today at Starbucks which was was good - but not as pretty as yours.
Kimberly said…
Sounds like a lovely day despite the rain. Love the rainbow shot!
Debbie said…
cool shots!! i don't drink coffee but boy it sure looks good!!
I love the photo of the lamp, very pretty. The coffee you had looks like it was delicious. Sounds like your Sundays was lovely.
geetlee said…
such a beautiful rainbow! I wish you get to see many more :)
Have a great week ahead!
Paul said…
You have captured your day beautifully through your photos! You sure get all 4 seasons in one day!
Dianna said…
Beautiful photos - how lovely to top it off with coffee and lemonade with your daughters!
lisa said…
Sounds like a great day, and how lucky you were to capture that beautiful rainbow!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a gorgeous pictures of Eglinton Country Estate and others.
Your pictures always stunned me and want to visit your lovely country, haha.
Happy for your LOVELY Sunday♡♡♡
Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*

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