Emma's Guitar

Emma is the musical one in our family.  
 She can play violin, ukulele and and has taught herself how to play the guitar which is her instrument of choice. 
She also sings and writes her own songs. 

Wow, where did she get that from.  Definately not me or her dad that's for sure lol. 

 I thought I would take some pictures of her guitars - there are two of them - and acoustic and an electric acoustic. 

The intricacy of the guitar is amazing - there is some workmanship in them, don't you think?  I wish I was talented in music but I'm afraid I'm not.


Jeanne said…
Very lovely! So now you need a video of her playing this to post..... You tube??
TexWisGirl said…
Really beautiful shots, Ellie!
Jill said…
You have a great eye for photography though. These are lovely!
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! Hope it isn't too cold over in Scotland! My Shane loves the guitar. He didn't get it from me either!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)
Love the images Ellie and you certainly have a very talented daughter. I'm a 12 string acoustic guitar player only it's 11 string at the moment!
Giga said…
Nie jestem muzykalna i nie gram na żadnym instrumencie, ale bardzo lubię słuchać miłej muzyki. Pozdrawiam

I am not musical and did not play an instrument, but I like to listen to nice music. Yours
The photos are lovely. We have a son that likes to play guitar and piano and he also writes his own music. We don't know where he gets it from either, since my husband or myself aren't musical at all.
Paul said…
Music is a wonderful interest. It is fabulous that Emma is in to it. I know how she feels about the guitar. It is a great instrument and extremely practical!
Pretty pics - I love the strings.. My Ella is really into music and I am teaching her piano and she is taking voice classes soon. I hope she keeps up with it. She wants to play the guitar, too, but I told her she needs to learn piano first. Such a great talent to have!
Debbie said…
great shots, my oldest plays and his music brings me comfort and joy!!
Rose said…
You took some wonderful shots...I too wish I was talented musically but I am not. I only sing when by myself or there is loud machinery with no one around.
Kayla said…
Beautiful photos! These would be great framed and given to a musician. I didn't realize how much beauty was in the instrument itself!
fiddle lessons said…
Great she has a good wish of learning guitar.I have given her an idea she would consult a good teacher which help her in playing guitar.

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