Another Oldie!!

Now you all know how I HATE to moan about our weather.  So I'm not going to, lol.  

I've not been able to get out to take any pictures for a few days now and it is a bit frustrating. So I've been pouring over all of my old pictures - I have got quite a few you know!!!

Well, I found this sunset picture from 2010, it makes me feel all warm and summary. There sure were a lot of wee yachts out that night it must have been a lovely day. I'm not sure if I have posted it before but if I have I hope you don't mind me re-posting.

It was taken from the same hill that the picture from my last post was taken from, the camera is just pointed in a slightly different direction.  The hill is a good vantage point - when it is a very clear day you can see for miles. 

Today has just been a housework day - cleaning kitchen cubpoards and the like.  Dan is sanding and re-plastering the hall walls in readiness for painting - so there is dust just about everywhere yukk!!!  I will be so glad when everything is finished.  Which reminds me - our bathroom is very nearly finished - I must do an updated post.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend.


TexWisGirl said…
oh, i can imagine the dust everywhere! home improvements seem to disrupt so much!
Debbie said…
you, moan, about the weather?? NEVER!!!

it's a beautiful picture!!
Jeanne said…
Very nice shot. Yes, remodeling is very messy. It took us 2 months to remodel our bathroom a couple of years ago. So worth the mess though, but you wonder while you are doing it. Have a fun housework day. Me too
Annabella said…
Oh the bathroom is nearly finished! Yes - photos please...I like to have a snoop around others` houses!
Lisa said…
What a gorgeous photo! It does look all summery and warm and happy.

Good luck with the housework and remodeling!
Lea White said…
Beautiful photo! Just what I needed to see today (it is really grey and cloudy here today). And the dust must be so frustrating!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I must admit and say we get a bit frustrated when we cannot do what we like. I wish I had more time to watch movies or dramas in English p;)
Oh, sure is lookung warm and summary and love the beauty♬♬♬

Looking forward to seeing the update of your bathroom.

Hugs to you from east, xoxo Miyako*
Jill said…
A very lovely sunset, Ellie!
Dianna said…
Beautiful picture, Ellie. It does bring about thoughts of summer and the beach!
leavesnbloom said…
Beautiful colours Ellie - I'm sure you'll be so pleased when all that dust is gone from the house.
Stunning photo, but when I first looked at it I thought that was sharks swimming around!! I guess a bit chilly for them in your area LOL. Diane
Rose said…
It is a beauty...I am still in love with the shots from the previous post...that top one down there is simply fantastic. Anyway, don't your photos bring back so many fun memories of the time you took them...besides just being beautiful to look at.
I love the photo, it makes me wish that it was summer time. I hate the cold winter months.

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