The Masked Man

I just had to post this picture - mainly because it made me laugh so much!!!

Now don't be scared it's only Danny kitted out to do the sanding of the walls in our hall.  It may be a wee bit over the top but it certainly gave us all a laugh - and let's face it everbody needs a laugh :))

 This picture was taken on Sunday and I'm pleased to report the sanding is now complete. 
We will be doing the painting at the weekend.  
The walls are going to be a lovely creamy colour and we are going to get a nice red carpet.
I've always wanted to have a red carpet  :) 

Hopefully it will all look lovely!!!


TexWisGirl said…
well, at least it wasn't the exterminator! :)
Ha ha. I am glad the sanding is finished for you. It amazes me how it gets into every nook and cranny! You can start living again :) Diane
Jill said…
This is funny!

I look forward to seeing the finished project. :)
Annabella said…
He looks like he`s doing some tectonic dance moves! Thanks for the smile.
Giga said…
Było się z czego uśmiać, wyglądał zabawnie, szczególnie z powodu maski :-). Pozdrawiam. *** It was something to laugh, he looked funny, especially because of the mask :-). Yours.
Lea White said…
What a cool pic. He could have been straight from a movie.
Debbie said…
excited to see pictures, sounds like it will be pretty!!
Debbie said…
oooohhhh and yay, dan the man!!
Paul said…
A truly frightening sight! I bet you're both glad the sanding's done!
Jeanne said…
What I would like to know is where were you when all of this was going on, and who had to do the cleanup. Bet you will enjoy it when you are done. So much fun redecorating!
lisa said…
This is great Ellie!
My son wore a mask like this over the summer when he was remodeling one of our bathrooms. It was too funny, but it nearly scared the dogs to death!
I am glad the walls are done being sanded. I love the picture of Dan, too funny.
Dianna said…
Sanding always makes such a big mess. I know you'll be glad when everything's completed. Enjoy that red carpet!
Tricia said…
Wow, it looks like he means business. Funny :)
Rose said…
My husband doesn't wear the overalls, but he wears a mask when he is making his knives...during the grinding and sanding parts. So this look is familiar to me.
Jen ( said…
Reminds me of the gas mask episode of Dr. Who!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Better safe than sorry - he wouldn't want to be breathing in all the sanding dust. You must be getting excited to have the renos complete.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, you gave me a lovely laugh♬♬♬
Haha, for a moment I wondered what it was.
I can guess you are really excited and looking forward to getting all the work finished, I am also waiting your wonderful picture, my friend.
Love to you from east, xoxo Miyako*
May said…
He sure looks like the guys in the movie ET!!!! :D

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