A Lovely Day

 Today is a glorious day - huge orange sun in the sky and a bit chilly - just the kind of morning I love. 

 I even been to the gym (are you impressed - I am lol).So feeling quite good this morning. 

 Poor Emma is sitting exams at school at the moment and on top of all that she has a very sore throat and has had for over a week now. Got her an appointment at the doctor this afternoon I don't want her getting any worse. Hopefully it will just be a simple throat infection that can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics.

 Anyway that's my day so far. 

 I was taking lots and lots of pictures of my tulips (as I normally do) and I came across these two. I just love the gorgeous colours - it's amazing how different they look when you get in really close.  
Hope you like them too!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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Lui said…
But I love them both!
Real gorgeous!
Great photos. We also had a beautiful sun out this morning but it now looks like it is clouding over:( Diane
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, continuation of the pictures of tulips. How GORGEOUS they are♡♡♡ I never seen inside of them like these.
Thank you very much for sharing us.
And hoping for Emma get better soon and be able to do her best for the test.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Lisa said…
Those tulip photos are absolutely amazing! Wow! Congratulations on making it to the gym - I AM impressed...hope Emma feels better soon!
Jill said…
Oh my! These are outstanging! Just gorgeous!

So glad you had a sunny day! Seems like it's been quite awhile for you.

I sure hope your daughter gets some good meds and feels better soon.
hannah said…
Love the glow in these two.
hannah said…
Me again:
Just lightboxed them and they are overwhelmingly fine.
Jeanne said…
These are both just awesome. Isn't it amazing what you can find with a camera lens!!!!
Jama said…
Gorgeous, love both of them!
Seeing Each Day said…
I especially love your first image. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.
Herding Cats said…
Fantastic tulip shots!
Sheila said…
Great photos , flowers really do take on a whole new look when up close . Hope Emma is feeling better , not a great time to get sick with exams on.
Kayla said…
They are beautiful! Tell Emma I hope her exams went well and that she feels better very soon!
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful! that 2nd one is brilliant! hope your daughter gets better!
Em S said…
I agree...these two do have great color!
Debbie said…
really getting "in to it"....i have pictures identical to these from last spring!!
Karen said…
Gorgeous macros!
lisa said…
Ellie, these are GORGEOUS macros!!
The colors are wonderful and you have captured such amazing detail.
I hope your "little girl" feels all better soon.

Thank you so much for sharing with us this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a fantastic day!

Lea White said…
Hope Emma is starting to feel better really soon. Wow, those photos are stunning!!!
Mira Crisp said…
The second one looks like an unusual star. Very nice, Ellie! :)
Anna said…
Hi Ellie,

These captures are so luminous! My favorite is the first - love those colors!!!

Exercise at the gym - I'm impressed. I cross country skied when I was done working in my studio today - impressed? :)

Hope that Emma is feeling better. It's that time of year, isn't it? :(

Have a super week!
Kala said…
Lovely details and colors Ellie.

Happy MM
Paul said…
They are amazing tulips! The colours are extremely beautiful. Bad timing for Emma to get sick! Hope it gets cleared up for her exams!
Paul said…
Fantastic colours. Hope Emma comes right for her exams.
What beautiful colors in your photos, I love both of them. I am glad to hear that you had sun today. Also it is good to hear that you went to the gym today.
geetlee said…
These are breathtaking shots Ellie! I love them!
Aren't tulips so pretty! I love buying them too :)
I especially like the pink one, but that is only because I am partial to pink. haha!
Hope you have a great week ahead!
Hope Emma feels better -- so easy to get run down this time of year.

Love your tulips -- brought some cheer to my morning. :)
Pat said…
Gorgeous! They seem to glow.
Ellie - What a ray of cheer you are. Hope Emma is all better.
Beautiful macro photos.

Regards and best wishes

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