Tulips To Brighten My Day

Well today has been a sort of a boring day - do you ever get days like that?  Nondescript grey days!!!

 This morning I went with Danny to get his eyes tested and order new glasses - that took a good couple of hours!! 
When we got home it was time for lunch - I made sausage rolls the other day and we had what was left of them - they were quite tasty!!!
 Then we went to buy the paint for our hall walls, ceiling and also for all the woodwork. Hopefully Dan will start that tomorrow - but we will wait and see. I've learned just to take it as it comes.

I had to drop into town the afternoon to buy some birthday cards and I thought to myself "I know what I need - some flowers""  he he.  So I bought myself some tulips - they are such  bright and cheery flower don't you think?  
Anyway it gave me something to take pictures of. I've not been out to take photos for a few days - the weather here just isn't  calling out to me :(

We will see what tomorrow is like. 


TexWisGirl said…
they are beautiful. hope your weather improves!
Giga said…
Z pewnością tulipany poprawiły Ci nastrój :-). Pozdrawiam.
May said…
I love Tulips with all my heart!! They are a sign from above to be patient till spring comes...
Jill said…
Those are super pretty tulips! Good job treating yourself. :)
Flora said…
Beautiful...it is fun to buy ourselves flowers is it not!!
Lisa said…
The tulips (and your photos) are gorgeous. I bought myself some little crocuses to put in my kitchen window - for the same reason. They're bright and cheery and make me think it's springtime!
Debbie said…
i love the way you "posed" the tulips, unusual and very pretty. i adore the purple!!
Rose said…
Buying flowers for myself sounds like such a good idea...think you are going to convert me. If nothing else, just spend a few bucks to buy something more to plant in the yard!!!
I have to say that tulips are one of my favorite flowers. Yours are lovely, I am sure they brightened you day.
Lea White said…
Hope the weather improves for you! What lovely flowers! Just what I needed to see today :-)
lisa said…
These are beautiful Ellie!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Paul said…
They are absolutely beautiful tulips! Great colours!
Hi Ellie,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have been looking aroud yours and love your photographs.

Isn't it amazing how much beauty there is to be had in things that are natural?
Paul said…
They are beautiful tulips! Great colours!
They have just brightened my day as well. Thanks Diane
Jeanne said…
Such lovely tulips and what a great way!!! To add some cheer to the winter weather. Very nice photos Ellie, and such a nice blurred background on the second one especially.! Have a great day!
Pat MacKenzie said…
The tulips are beautiful - such lovely colors. They would brighten anyone's day, no matter what the weather is like.
Tricia said…
That's one thing I love about this time of year...tulips. Hope you had a nice weekend :)
orchid said…
Oh, Dearest Ellie.
Marvelous pictures of tulips♡♡♡
How clear they are, you always amaze me!!!
And speaking glasses, I am using 3 types, haha.
Good Luck for the work inside of your house,
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

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