Lovely Scottish Weather - Not!!!

For Christmas my mum got me an oil burner as a gift. Isn't it lovely?  I thought it was too nice not to take a picture of it.  So here it is!!!! I love all the colours, so cheery looking.

Here is a close up of the topper - it is quite ornate!

We have had such bad weather today.  We woke up at 5.30am with the sound of cans running down the street. The bins were due to be emptied this morning so everybody had put their bin out last night. They were all lying on their sides and rubbish was blowing out. Fence panels are down, slates from roofs have come loose. Eeek

We were having severe gales yet again.  Apparantly it was between 85 and 90 mph.  Where does it all come from? Of course with that also comes the squally rain - really not nice!!  I'm really glad I wasn't at work - don't go back until tomorrow.  

 The wind eventually died down around lunch time. Still quite blowy but not gusting like it was.  It's not just us but the whole of Britain is suffering from this. Personally I think it is about time we had a good spell.  

Hope you are having better luck with your weather where you are!!


Jill said…
Your oil burner is beautiful! I also love the many colors.

So sorry about your terrible weather again. Seems like you've had an awful lot of it! The North Winds are howling here today but nothing like there.

Stay in and stay safe!
That's a lovely little burner Ellie and nice colours too.

So glad we still have electricity!

My husband watched the man in front of him get lifted off his feet in the street and blown for a distance of 6ft in the air along the footpath.

He came home from work early as the wind blew the roof off where he was working - while we just lost just a little part of the roof where I work.

I can't tell you how glad I was at lunchtime when it all died down again. Driving this morning was horrible.......... hands clentched tight to the steering wheel while debris was hitting the car all the time along the country roads.
Pat MacKenzie said…
I love your new oil burner - it looks like something I'd have bought for myself.

I hope your weather improves. Wind can be so destructive. We're having lovely warm unseasonable weather here in Alberta, where we're usually knee deep in snow drifts at this time of year. No snow at all. I'm sure it'll come though.
Karen said…
We had a blizzard this morning, our first real snowfall. so I guess I can't complain, this being Canada and all.

Love your burner, is that a Lampe Berger?
I JUST heard on the CBC radio news that the winds in Scotland and northern Ireland have gusted to 160km/hr! Goodness gracious. That's insane! Hope all is well...
~Monika in Canada
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful burner, lovely colors.
The bad weather is here now and they've called it "Emil" (for once it's a malename).
Think we deserve some nice weather without rain and wind.
TexWisGirl said…
you really have had some bad weather! tons of rain! really wild winds! yikes!
Rose said…
That is a really the colors and the topper.

We had horrible winds New Years morn...some of the worst I have seen. It is bitter cold here today...the kind that just goes right through you when you step outside.
We had really, really high winds last night in GA too! I was at my mom's and it sounded like the house was going to blow away. She was sound asleep...and without her hearing aids she couldn't even hear it. Sometimes that's a blessing. Take care. Sandra
lisa said…
Sounds like nasty weather Ellie.
Good time to cozy up with a good book!
Your oil burner is just beautiful.
Reminds me of Venetian glass.
That is a lovely oil burner, love the colors.I hope your weather gets better. It sounds terrible.
geetlee said…
lovely colors, a beautiful way to start the new year!
sorry about the bad weather. Cold and rain is awful.
We enjoyed sunny weather on our road trip recently. Back to San Francisco with the fog. Gah!
Paul said…
Sounds like shocking weather you're having. Being in our summer we have had a few lovely warm days lately. Have been swimming at the beach after my runs the last 2 days. Hope your weather picks up. Love the photos as always.
Lasse said…
I think you have given us the bad weather now..:) Real rainy and stormy tonight. This autumn has been very very rainy..
Wish you a creative new 2012 !
Pleased the wind settled down, not a pleasant day for going outside at all.

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