Dundonald Castle

 On Sunday I visited Dundonald Castle. It is very close to where we live and can you believe it's the first time I've visited it - is that shocking or what!!!
There is a visitor centre and a museum but it is only open from April to October, so I will have to go back then.  
The other thing about going later in the year is that the weather and visibility may be a bit better. The views from the castle are lovely so it will be well worth the visit then.
There is a fairly steep climb up to the castle.

Now for a little bit of history that I found on the Dundonald Castle web page.

Dundonald Castle is a fortified tower house built for Robert II on his accession to the throne of Scotland in 1371 and it was used as a royal residence by the early Stewart kings for the next 150 years. It was said to be Robert II’s favourite residence and it was here that he died in 1390.

On a separate note - I managed to motivate myself and go to the gym today. Yay for me, hopefully that is me back on the health track again. Watch this space!!!


Liesl said…
Oh,I wonder if there are any paintings of it when it was still all intact,I can just imagine the Kings on their steeds riding up to their castle and the hustle and bustle that once was...! Just lovely Ellie!
Sheila said…
I'd love to visit a castle someday , so much history , I am sure those walls can talk . Great view from up there .
TexWisGirl said…
so neat to have such ancient history to explore! (and yay for you!)
Jeanne said…
Love historical places like that. You should get up really close to that and make a "macro " so to speak of the rockwork. Would make a neat texture to use on something. Is there any history in this place of Mary Queen of the Scots. That is a book that i absolutely love. What a great set of photos to share...
Jill said…
Such a wonderful place in the world you live in! I would love to be able to explore castles.

WooHoo on getting to the gym!
Julie G. said…
How lucky you were to be able to visit a fabulous castle such as this! Wonderful series of images!

Yippee for gym work outs!
lisa said…
What a magnificent structure this is Ellie, and such a fantastic perspective in the last image here.
Tracy Wood said…
How cool that you live near this beautiful structure! A real castle! Great pictures today.
Karen said…
I love old castles. How fortunate you are to have one so close. I would say walking up that hill would be enough exercise for one day! I think that would be my workout every day!
I would love to be able to visit a castle, maybe someday. Good for you on the workout!
Debbie said…
what a wonderful piece of history, i am surprised you have not visited before.

your photo's are beautiful!!
Dianna said…
Thank you for these pictures of this magnificent place. I'm forwarding the link to my son - he will love seeing this.
Maybe one day, we'll make it to Scotland.....
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I love it. A real Castle I don't see many of them around rural Canada for sure. I love your photos I wish I could see it. The history makes this a perfect post.I love history.
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.B
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
You made my desire to visit Scotland bigger today again, haha.
How beautiful and exotic your country is!!! The castle is totally different from ours in Japan.
Thank you for letting us know the history of the castle a bit♬♬♬
Big Hugs and Love to you, xoxo Miyako*
Very cool to have an old castle so close to your home. Definitely don't have that here in North Carolina! Very pretty views - I can see why he liked it there.

Keep up the gym...you will feel great! If there is a day I don't feel like going I just tell myself I can take it easy that day. Once I get there I usually end up having a good workout!
Rose said…
Wonderful shots--I would love to have seen how this was built...well, any of the old castles.
Paulht said…
Well done you getting to the gym! Castles are so amazing with their grandeur and history!

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