Guess What We Had for Dessert?

Have you guessed  - ok I'll  tell you.  Trifle!!!
I love trifle - I only make it for the New Year dinner.  We also had steak pie - yummy!!! I love that too lol.
But I tell you I'm soooo glad it's only once a year 'cause if I was to eat like this all year - well let's just say I'd be a bit bigger, he he.

Anyway, 2012 has begun. Day 1 of a brand new year! Did you know it's a leap year this year so that's an extra day in store for us, what will we do with it?!!!

 I'm not making any New 
Year resolutions this year - I usually do but NEVER stick to them.  So with that in mind I am PLANNING to get fitter and eat healthier.  I reckon if I don't make it a resolution I might stick to it. That might work - do you think? :))

 I am also going to try and take at least one picture every day this year - yup that will be at least 366 pictures! Phew.
 And I am going to try and blog every day but we will see!! 

What are you planning for this new year. Anything exciting?


TexWisGirl said…
i'm not familiar with trifle. steak pie, for that matter, either. perhaps it is like a pot pie or a shepherd's pie we have here? :)

good luck on your 'reckon tos' for this year!
Jill said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful meal!
Karen said…
Oh, I love trifle! Sounds like you had a marvelous dinner. I never make new year's resolutions, no sense in setting myself up for failure.
Debbie said…
i am pretty excited about 2012, i plan on having lot's of fun!!

i make a cappucino trifle, i think i sent you the recipe!!
Sounds like you had a great dinner. Wishing you the best in the new year. Can't wait to see all the photos that you will take this year.
Paul said…
I love trifle! All the best with being fitter and healthier. I also am going to keep up the photos but I probably won't be as regular as you! Happy New Year!
geetlee said…
Happy happy new year Ellie! It's so lovely to stop by your blog after a long break. The trifle looks divine! Can't wait to see the pictures you post, 365 is a lovely challenge to undertake :)
I made trifle for our New Year's dinner as well - ours was a cappuccino chocolate trifle. Happy New Year!
Kerri said…
I think this picture is AWESOME!
I LOVE it!
LoLy said…
WOW. I looooooooooooooove trifle.. Happy New Year :)
Rose said…
No real plans...the past year and a half has really seen some changes for us...I will be happy if everything just goes on normal for a while.

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