Beach Visit

 visited the beach yesterday for a wee while - it was nice to get some fresh air. Boy was it fresh, it's not easy taking pictures when your nose is running lol.  But I tried my best!! 

Here is what I saw.

Look blue sky and sun woohoo. Great stuff!!

But is was cold - look at these seagulls I think they are feeling the chill. 
I don't want to sound cruel but see that wee bird nearest the camera - don't you think it looks as if he has got nobbly knees?

This is an Italian garden - it is flooded once again. It frequently floods. It is a real shame 'cause it is quite pretty.
  Many years ago - when I was a young teenager - there used to be an open air swimming pool here. I well remember going swimming there. We now have an indoor pool further in town.

I think this might be a crab shell?  I though it looked quite unusual.

A piece of driftwood that I liked- love the look of the texture.

Some colourful shells and stones.

So there you have it - my trip to the beach!!!


Kerri said…
What a great trip to the beach!! I rarely get to visit the beach - maybe 1/year or 1 every 2 years.
Dianna said…
A trip to the beach is always fun - even in the winter!
Jill said…
Love all of these photos. It was well worth the trip to the beach. Glad you got to go.
Kayla said…
That crab shell is awesome! It looks like there is a duck/bird foot nestled in amongst the shells and stones in the last one!
TexWisGirl said…
brisk but beautiful!
Flora said…
Thanks for the visit!
Rohrerbot said…
Looks like a beautiful day!
Buttons said…
Oh I love these photos. I wish I was there with you. If you don't mind I am pretending I am. B
You have such a good eye for photography. Wish I could see things like this through your eyes. Diane
Giga said…
Zazdroszczę Ci tego spaceru, mimo iż było chłodno. Uwielbiam morze :-). Pozdrawiam.

I envy you on this walk, although it was chilly. :-) I love the sea. Yours.
What a nice day....yes, that seagull looks like it is pigeon toed:-)
Jeanne said…
This is really a lovely beach and I am jealous you live so close to the ocean. I love the ocean and takes me forever to get there! Just beautiful and thanks for sharing these Ellie. Hope you have a great weekend!
Rose said…
You can tell it is cold by the way the gulls are standing there...and yes, it does look like it is knobby-kneed.
Your last photo is my favorite. I love the colors of the stones and the sea shells.
orchid said…
Oh, wonderful pictures dearest Ellie♡♡♡
The first picture "blue sky and sun" is stunning, isn't it♬♬♬
Thank you for sharing the refreshing trip to the beach!!!
I also am having a runny nose now, my friend (^^;)
Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*
Debbie said…
ooooohhhh i just love the beach. i went yesterday and today!!

do you pick up the pretty shells?? i am addicting to collecting them and sea glass as well!!

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