Driftwood and Berries

Another shot from the beach walk the other day.  Mmmmm I did take quite a lot of pictures that day!!! 

 I really like the splash of colour - I don't know what these berries are but there sure was an awful lot of them. 

I really enjoy walking along the beach - there is usually so much to see. Mind you there is an awful lot of rubbish lying around due to those hurricane winds we had recently. 

There is lots of driftwood and bottles etc. that have been washed up. There were some quite large bits of tree on the beach  - Karen wanted to bring this one home. I just love the shape of it.

Goodness knows where we would have put it though lol.

 Some of the wood was a much better size.  I quite liked this one.  Don't you think it would have made a lovely candle holder or something along those lines?

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marit´s,,, said…
Beautiful photo.
Marit , Norway.
Jill said…
Really admire the berry photo!
Rose said…
I am afraid I would be wanting to carry a lot of the stuff home! Now, I carry rocks....I love rounded, smooth rocks...I bring them home from fist sized to some that is almost too much for one person to pick up.
Sush said…
Beach walking and collecting....one of my favorite pastimes! I agree with you, that piece of driftwood would have made a delightful candle holder!
TexWisGirl said…
the berry photo is gorgeous. so subtle, then POP! :)
Sheila said…
Great photos , I like the berry photo too , not sure what the berries are though. I love the beach and love drift wood , I would have wanted to take that large one home too.
Kathy said…
Not sure there is anything more peaceful than a beach during off season. I was just htinking the other day about hopping in the car and making the drive myself.

orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I always love the way you can make things or targets for your shot stands out (close up, maybe) in your pictures.
Yes, berries look wonderful and also wonder what they are♬♬♬
never thought of driftwoods for candle holder, haha. Good idea.
Love from east, Miyako*
Yvonne said…
Love that first photo :) So fun to see the pop of color in winter!
deb duty said…
I love the berry photo and the driftwood is so interesting. It was a very productive walk!
Paul said…
It is great living near the ocean! Had a few swims this week but our summer has packed it in today! Love your photos!
Yep -- the berries steal the show. Could it be a Mountain Ash?

Have a wonderful weekend, Ellie!
Jeanne said…
So did you bring any of the driftwood home?? My mom used to bleach the driftwood and do lots of crafty things with it. I am jealous of you living by the ocean. Such unbridled beauty. Have a great weekend!
LoLy said…
WOW, Love those berries photo :)
Wishing you a great day xx
Mira said…
How big are those berries?

I wanted to let you know that I’ve moved my blog to a new address and I wanted to make sure you have the new address which is www.CrispPhotoWorks.com Hope to see you there! Mira Crisp
CameraCruise said…
Great shots!
Love the berry photo!
I enjoy walking along the beach too.
Have a great weekend.
Debbie said…
they are all wonderful but that berry one is wow!! pow!!
I like the photo with the large piece of wood on it. I like the colors and the texture of the wood.
Kayla said…
So? Did you carry any of it home?
I had some beautiful pieces of drift wood in South Africa, sadly they all got left behind when we moved and seriously downsized in the UK. Diane
I love driftwood, too. I have a neat piece of it sitting on my deck and it gets lots of comments. It kind of looks like an iguana. Your berries look pretty, too!
Sara said…
Ellie, those berries are gorgeous, love the pop of colour amongst the grey. Beautiful DOF!

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