A Few Pics

Well, I was going to post some bathroom pictures but Dan said it's not finished yet and we should really wait until it was totally finished before showing the world. 
 So what  I did instead was take a few shots of the bits I like. 
Spot the reflection of the wall tiles.

This handwash is just delicious.

And these are the wall tiles - the wee ones that run up beside the larger ones are very sparkly - you can't really see it in these pictures though.

 This is the - wait for it - toilet flush lol.  So different to what we had before.
Danny has still to build a couple of cabinets for it in the wood that you see surrounding the flush. It has such a lovely grain.

I can hardly wait until it is completely finished - and then I promise to do some better pictures to show you.


TexWisGirl said…
you're too funny! :)
Lea White said…
Love your photos and can't wait to see until it is done!
Rose said…
I can't wait to see the whole thing...bet you guys will be so glad when it is totally done.
Giga said…
To chyba będzie Twoja wymarzona łazienka :-). Pozdrawiam. *** I think it would be your dream bathroom :-). Yours.
Sheila said…
I 'm anxious to see it completed as well ,looks lovely so far.
Karen said…
Wow, lots of renos going on there! Can't wait to see it finished. Love your masked man in the shot below!
It looks like you are going to have a lovely new bathroom. I am happy for you.
geetlee said…
i can't wait to see the finished bathroom as well! how exciting!
i remember when i first started following you, the work was just starting. how time flies!
have a great weekend!
Sush said…
Oh I love the suspense! Way to go...maybe next year I can post some, lol!
Sush said…
Ellie...I just scrolled down and I must have lost you in my blog roll for a bit cause I sure have missed some wonderful posts! You've had lots of lovely days haven't you?
Paul Forster said…
I'm sure your bathroom is going to be amazing! I bet you're excited about getting it finished!
Kayla said…
This is how I know I am truly a grown up....I am so excited to see the full reveal of your bathroom! :) Who knew this was one of the grown up things?!? I love all the little touches...and what a fancy "flusher"!
Jill said…
I love al of these sneak peeks and can't wait for the big reveal!
You can definitely see how sparkly those little tiles are - I love it. I also like your fixtures - especially the hot water faucet with the white center - very vintage looking.

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