Is It A Crown?

Well, we are all back to normal in this house.  The tree and decorations are all down. Dan and I are back at work, Laura will be home tonight after spending New Year with her boyfriend and will return to work tomorrow. Karen and Emma will be back to school and college next week. The sweets and goodies are diminishing - thank goodness.  It is quite good to be back to normal - even though I really enjoyed the break
 The only trouble is with being back at work I don't have as much free time and because the weather has been a bit iffy, to say the least, I had to find things in the house to photograph.
I posted pictures of my oil burner the other day but I  loved the topper so much - it reminds me of a crown.  So I decided to concentrate on that and see what I could get.
So here we are.

I'm getting a tad fed up of moaning about our rotten weather - but today I'm pleased to say we have blue sky, a bit chilly and breezy but we do have a blue sky. Yahoooo.  

So nice to see it again!!! It is amazing how a nice bit of sun can make you feel so much happier!

I went down to the beach and took some pictures out in the fresh air today. It was great. :))

Sharing my picture today with Deb


Susan said… beautiful! Yes, a blue sky can make things really good.
Roan said…
That is a gorgeous topper. Very crown-like indeed! Happy blue skies!
Jill said…
Such a beautiful topper!

Enjoy those blue skies!
Karen said…
That's a pretty topper alright, and you have photographed it well. Great light and detail!

Since my mobility is limited, I often have to find things to photograph inside the house, it's surprising what you can come up with!
Giga said…
Pomysłowe i ładne. Pozdrawiam
Shel said…
Wow - that does look exactly like a crown - how cool!!
Debbie said…
it's a beauty!!
TexWisGirl said…
it is true - a spate of bad weather (or horrendous weather as you've had) can make you SO appreciative of the sun and blue skies! :)
Rose said…
Is that the topper to that bottle thingie you showed the other day...I think it was to burn oil in?

Hey, I am so thankful we have not had the normal dark dreary days we normally have...we have had some but so far it has not been for days and days on end. I can take a couple or three days here and there, as long as I see the sunshine for a while fairly often.
What a lovely shot. And yea!! for blue skies ;)
Beach? Beach? Can I go? I neeeeed a beach trip! Maybe soon. Sandra
Gina Kleinworth said…
The beach & some fresh air to go with it- sounds good to me
Sherri B. said…
This definitely looks like a crown...beautiful! I like how the lights casts off the edge of it, too. Thank you so much for your kind words about my photo and poem! Your walk at the beach sounds wonderful...
It sure does look like a crown. It is always nice to see the blue sky and sun shine.
geetlee said…
love that golden!
hope you get some more lovely weather. nothing like sunshine!
Paul said…
Glad the weather has come good for you. Another great photo. Sure does look like a crown!
We also have blue skies today it makes life so much more cheery. As for being back to normal I am not too sure what that is! Take care Diane
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, Oil Burner. Yes, it looks really lovely crown♡♡♡
I always admire photos of yours, my friend!!!
Hope you are not too busy for your work and chores and things.
We are having cold days and I feel I had sniffle, haha.
Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*
CameraCruise said…
It looks like a crown, lovely!
Enjoy the blue skies and sun.
Have a great weekend.
deb duty said…
Very pretty! Everything back to normal and busy here too!
Very nice picture...I took my christmas decorations down this week, does feel kind of nice!

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