When we were in Glasgow on Saturday Emma spotted this material in the fabric shop.  

Now, she adores penguins (as does her big sister Laura) so she was never going to miss this. I blame "Happy Feet" (movie) for this.
So what else could I do but purchase it.  

I am going to attempt to make a cushion or something with it. Hopefully I will have enough for two so that Laura gets one too.
Now bear in mind I'm not known for my sewing skills - so it could be quite entertaining, goodness knows what they will end up with :))

Karen is horsey mad so I will have to try and find something with horses on it - so she is not left out!.

It is awfully cute though isn't it? I hope I have some left for myself  ;)


TexWisGirl said…
it is a 'happy feet' motif, for sure.
Jeanne said…
ok , so will be waiting for a photo of what this turns out to be... how about a cool little pillow filled with rice which could be heated up in the microwave to wear around you neck when you are cold or have a pain in the neck???
Jill said…
Definately cute!
Sweet Tea said…
Very, very, sweet and it will be extra special because Mama made it for them. Many years ago I made Star Wars robes for my boys and they loved them. Very worth the extra time and effort. Come back and show us the finished project later. Please, Ma'am.
Eileen said…
I'm watching with interest to see what you make! when can we expect the reveal?
Janie said…
Nothing wrong with happy feet, ask me! Ha.
I love penquins, wish I could see them out in their own world and not in a zoo. I could watch them for hours.
It was nice to know that you enjoy sewing. Thanks for sharing that. I like to sew too, but I do not do it like I use to. Being retired really takes a toll on a person. I could blog about that too. But it could stir up a can of worms...
Giga said…
Uszyć poduszki, z tego materiału o wesołych wzorach, z pewnością sobie poradzisz :-). Pozdrawiam.

Sew pillows, from this material with cheerful patterns, surely you can handle it :-). Yours.
Rose said…
They are adorable...I bet Lorelei would like this, too.

A few years ago, I wanted horse fabric and none to be found. Now, I see it everywhere. So, hopefully you will be able to find it over there, also.
The fabric is so cute. I also would like to see what you make with this fabric; I hope you post it.
geetlee said…
aww, penguins are so sweet! the babies are especially adorable!
Dianna said…
That is pretty fabric. I'm with the others: please post a picture of what this becomes!
Kayla said…
If I can successfully make a cushion, I know anybody can! They will turn out beautifully! Make sure and show us the results.
Very cute! What's not to like about a cute little penguin:-)

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