Chocolate or Fruit?

Well, I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm getting a wee bit fed up of chocolate aaargh.  But really, we have so much chocolate in the house still to be eaten. 

 Mind you that fact that I have got just a wee bit tired of it has got to be a good thing - right?  I have to try and lose some of the extra pounds I know I have put on. 

 On a side note - do you know how difficult it is to make a Ferroro chocolate tower - jings I spent ages trying to layer them up and everytime they fell down - so frustrating!!! But I persevered and tried not to nudge the table when taking the pictures lol.  Success!!!! :)))

Now I also love melon - so tasty!!!! So maybe I should just swap the chocolate for fruit.  Is it as good? 
What do you think?

By the way - weatherwise the gales from yesterday have calmed down somewhat but lots and lots of rain today. 


Kayla said…
I am just really not sure if I could ever get tired of chocolate. I don't think I will even try to attempt it. I enjoy fruit...but it never gives me that....aaahhhh....moment that I get from chocolate! Just take a few extra walks and show us some of your pictures and those extra pounds will fall off! ;)
Jeanne said…
I know what I SHOULD CHOOSE , does that count?? Have a great day
TexWisGirl said…
step away from the chocolate! when you start playing with your food, it's time to move on! :)
Jill said…
I like fruit too but would be too tempted with the chocolate. It would win every time. :(
Karen said…
I know the feeling, so much chocolate is hanging around after christmas. I coat my fruit with it...hee hee.
Rose said…
Those chocolates look yummy!
Kerri said…
I love both chocolate and fruit - maybe you could combine them :)
Paul Forster said…
An impressive tower and lovely chocolate. I prefer chocolate but I know fruit is better for me. I got a lot of chocolate given to me by my students last year. I am slowly ploughing my way through it. Not that I'm complaining!
Sheila said…
If I had to make the choice it would be easy , chocolate would win out everytime even though at this moment I also am getting a tad tired of Chocolate.
I know what you mean..I could never get tired of chocolate or cookies but I get tired of how they make me feel...fruit on the other hand makes me feel I have been eating more fruit and veggies and then at night I will have a piece of chocolate or a small cookie....except when my daughters break out the leftover chocolate gift packs that I got from work....
Ms. Becky said…
oh I don't know, one can get too much of a good thing at times I guess. I suggest you turn your back on the chocolate for the time being and bite into that delicious looking melon! I'm happy that your gales have moved on, but I do love that word - gales. wishing you all the best in 2012. cheers!
Debbie said…
decisions, decisions....i pick chocolate!!
I agree it is sooo hard not eat chocolate. Maybe you can eat a little bit of the chocolate and some of the melon to be balanced.
I am glad to hear that the weather is a little bit better.
Janie said…
With chocolate it is all or nothing.
Boy do I understand!!
And I like to play with my food ( ha TexWisGirl)..
I happen to love all fruits of any kind.
Some people do not like fruit, glad to know you do.
I am on a serious diet too.
Love that you use the word "gales".
Lots of rain there?
We usually have tons of rain by now being in Northern, California. Not happening yet.
Can you believe my face got sun burned today?!
lisa said…
The melon looks wonderful Ellie, but I'll take the chocolate!!! :-)
geetlee said…
Ellie! I thought I was the only one getting sick of chocolate!
Haha, I've been eating a lot of salad and actually enjoying it! Don't know how long that will last!

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