Wow It's Windy Out There!!!

Well after our 'ok' weather day on Tuesday it has really taken a downturn. 
Severe weather warnings for today for gale force winds (90mph) and rain.  It certainly is extremely windy at the moment and is due to get worse this afternoon. 
The kids all have a day off as the schools have been shut and may be shut tomorrow as well. It's definately a day for being indoors me thinks!!! 
It's a pity I've got to go to work. I keep thinking (and hoping) the surgery will phone and say they are having to shut but I don't think that will happen. Keep your fingers crossed I don't get blown away, he he.

Anyway, the picture above I took on my walk home from town on Tuesday, the sun was behind the tree and I thought it looked quite striking. Hope you like it too!!

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You should go and visit Deb's great blog, there will be lots of great pictures there.


Deb said…
wow those are some high winds...stay safe..
deb duty said…
Lovely photo! I hope you get your day off! 90mph is way too windy to be out and about!
Jeanne said…
Curious what do you do at the surgery. Wear some heavy shoes so you don't get blown away!!
Calling by as another participant in This or That Thursday. It is great to meet you and I like your beautifully composed photo. Stay safe from the wind.
Karen said…
We have snow days here, where everything shuts down, but I have never heard of a wind day!

A lovely photo, I like the tree silhouette.
Dianna said…
Wow - your weather sounds wicked! Ours changed quickly last night too - 70's yesterday, low 50's today. Beautiful photo. Stay safe!
Jill said…
I do love your picture! I hope you have a nice heavy vehicle to get you to and from work. Be safe, dear lady.
TexWisGirl said…
stay safe! two-handed driving!!!
Love your photo. I hate wind especially if I am out on my bike. It makes life very difficult! Keep safe, Diane
Flora said…
I don't mind cold...but I don't like the wind:)..don't get blown away!
Giga said…
Zdjęcie podoba mi się, ale pogoda mniej.Pozdrawiam
Mira said…
oh, I hope it gets better! I am not a fan of windy weather at all.
Rose said…
Oh, yes, it is an eye-catching photo...

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