Thank You

I've drained my camera dry of any new pictures I'm afraid so I'm posting another oldie. To be honest I have probably posted this one before but it is one of my favourite shots. 
We visited Pitlochry a couple of years ago for our wedding anniversary. Such a beautiful spot, its called The Queens View. We had to drive up a very steep hill to get to the top but this was the reward. Truly beautiful!!!

Anyway, I've recovered fully from my headache from yesterday - thank goodness. I woke up in a fantastic mood - my goodness what is wrong with me lol.
I think it had a lot to do with my wonderful daughter Emma and my good blogging friends. Firstly for Emma for putting up yesterday's blog, I was really touched and it really did bring a tear to my eye. Isn't she wonderful? She is right about one thing though, my eyes really do disappear when I smile - cringe!!!! And secondly to my wonderful blogging friends for all the lovely comments you made. I really do appreciate them all.

 My only problem today is that I have got a massive spot on my chin. Nobody told me when I hit 50 that I would have to go through puberty again!  I mentioned it in passing to one of the doctors in the surgery where I work and she said 'my goodness', and gave me some cream for it. Jings it must be bad!!!  It is a biggie though, I've not had one like that for many a year. 
I was going to post a picture of it but I didn't want to frighten anyone away. :))
Hopefully my magic cream will make it disappear as quickly as it came lol.

Have a great weekend everyone. :))


TexWisGirl said…
you're so silly!

that's a gorgeous photo! thanks for bringing it out of archive!
Debbie said…
i have thousands....i shoud send you a few!!

the picture is gorgeous, i love the perspective!!
Karen said…
Oh, it's a lovely view! Great reflections.
I bet we could make a fortune if we could come up with a zit and anti wrinkle cream in one tube!!
Jill said…
Ugh! You are not alone, Ellie! I have more problems now than when I was a teen!

Love this photo!
I love the photo, it is breath taking. I hope the cream takes care of spot on your chin.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
GORGEOUS view and picture, my friend!!!
Oh, I am happy that your headache had gone now; yes, your daughter is wonderful, isn't she♡♡♡
I DO hope the cream can work for you!!!
Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Orchid*
Dianna said…
Beautiful view. Glad your headaches gone, sorry about the spot on the chin. Hope the cream takes care of it!
Glad you are feeling better. Emma was so cute!

One of the big misconceptions in life is that zits go away after puberty!...ha ha....
That is a gorgeous photograph!

I'm only a couple of years behind you and I dealing with the same issues. It IS like going through puberty again. It's so not fair that we are having to deal with spots AND wrinkles at the same time, is it??

Glad you're feeling better - have a great weekend!
Kayla said…
Is it one of those big, sort of underground, painful ones? I am sorry. I seem to have started a bit of this myself...although it does allow me to relate a bit better to my teenage son right now!
Rosie said…
What a stunning view! I absolutely understand why this is one of your favourites! Have a wonderful weekend, too!
Giga said…
Zdjęcie jest cudowne, piękny krajobraz. Głowa przestała boleć i z brody "coś" zniknie też :-). Pozdrawiam
This really is a gorgeous picture. Wow, what a shot. What a view. What a picture. I hope you plan on framing it. I would. Put it in your craft room or in the hallway. Anywhere would be good. Looks like a post card you would send someone.
EG Wow said…
Beautiful photo. Since I have never seen it before, it doesn't bother me at all that you are posting it again. :)
Rose said…
That is a beautiful is one that deserves reposting.
Roan said…
Certainly worth reposting for those of us who missed it the first time. Amazing scene!

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