Hold On To Your Hats!!!

 Yikes, this weather is scary.  It is soooo windy, I think it may be worse than it was last week. 

I know these are pretty awful pictures but it kind of shows how rough the sea is today, and I took them from inside the car as it was just a wee bit breezy lol.

 I was dropping Emma off at her maths tutor and thought I would go and have a look at the sea. There may be something wrong with me, but I love to look at the sea when it is stormy.  Something quite exhilarating about it - it must be the daredevil it me he he.
Here's hoping for calmer weather tomorrow but reports aren't good for Thursday. Goodness knows what is happening with the weather these days.


TexWisGirl said…
yikes! definitely a good day to stay indoors!
Anonymous said…
That looks like an angry sea!
Good photos! Stay dry and safe my friend! :)
Jill said…
Good grief! You have had more than your fair share of poor weather! I LOVE the pictures and I am like you...if I lived by the sea, I'd love to watch it when it storms.
I have been watching the UK weather report and thinking of you. I hope it improves very soon. Great photos. Diane
Rosie said…
I'm with you on that weather! And though I also love to look out onto the sea in stormy weather I do hope for better weather for your! Stay warm!!
Connie Smiley said…
Ellie, I'm with you; I love a stormy ocean.
Giga said…
Groźnie morze wygląda, ale i tak je uwielbiam. Pozdrawiam
orchid said…
Oh, Dearest Ellie.
I was wondering what it would be from the title!!!
I hope the weather will get calm in your place!!!
You made me laugh a little reading you said "quite exhilarating about it - it must be the daredevil it me". Be safe and Take Care of yourself♬♬♬
Too much for me since I watched A Perfect Storm! I'll stay out here on the prairie, thank you! :)
Rose said…
Storms in general is exhilarating...I love them!
Sush said…
Brrr...but I do love to be on the beach on a cold winter's day. What can I say? I do I do I do!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I love the ocean. It has so many faces. The stormy face is magnificient.
Wow! Just make sure you don't get too close. My husband is fascinated with stormy seas, too. Is there no beach? It looks like the water comes right up to the road - that is crazy!
Wow, I can almost here the waves crashing!
Three great shots. I loved them.Thanks for sharing.
lisa said…
I love the sea when it is stormy too!
These are wonderful photographs Ellie.
I can almost hear the sound of the waves.
Henrietta said…
It has been like that here too past week.

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