Well, I bought myself some new flowers on Friday night.  

They are called Alstroenemia,  commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas (I bet you are really impressed that I knew that, I know I am, lol).  

Aren't they pretty?  I was looking for something a wee bit different. There were plenty of roses and carnations etc., but I wanted a change. So I spotted these and they ended up in my trolley.

I love flowers!!
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They are beautiful Ellie. Looks like there are some buds so should last a good while.
orchid said…
Hi! Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I hope they are the same flower I see here in Japan in the store as well. Thank you very much for letting us know the name. I like them because flowers stay alive long♬♬♬
Your pictures are beautiful, my friend!!!
Blessing to you from east, xoxo Orchid*
Stewart M said…
Hi there - they are cracking looking flowers, even if the are a bit gaudy for my tastes!!

Glad you like the mushroom - I was rather surprised at how well they turned out.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia
...and they are one of my favourites; very olde-worlde, quaint, and beautiful. Last well in a vase too. Pretty photos
Veronica said…
they are beautiful ellie and i love there commonly called name.
Jill said…
So beautiful! One of my favorites as they last so long.
Jeanne said…
OK Ellie! You go girl on getting those flowers. You know they are absolutely lovely! And i love your photos. Happy weekend!
Gattina said…
Beautiful, I first thought it was an orchid
deb duty said…
They are so pretty! I think this is the same flower that I've bought before and I remember it lasted a really long time.
TexWisGirl said…
lily of the incas. what a great name!
Tezzie said…
Very, very pretty flowers! I love that you treated yourself to something special :)
Karen said…
These are my FAVOURITE flowers Ellie! Hubbers often brings me home a bunch when I am feeling down.
Rosie said…
These are so beautiful, Ellie, I love them!
Pat said…
Beautiful lilies!
Henrietta said…
They are beautiful. I bought flowers for myself today and I wanted to have something to photograph. I found some white ranunculus which I love so I'm very happy.
LauraX said…
so beautiful to treat yourself to fresh flowers!
lisa said…
These are beautiful Ellie, and it so nice to see white ones! Most of the ones we see here are either pink or red, so these are very special indeed. Glad you treated yourself to these little gems!

Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

Linda Makiej said…
Really so beautiful!!
Rose said…
They are really different and very, very beautiful.
gina said…
Lovely images of the lilies! I believe they last a long time as a cut flower. Enjoy!
Kala said…
I like these flowers very much myself. And the details of the designs in these petals are wonderful!

Happy Macro Monday
Lui said…
What a pretty treat!
Genie said…
What a cool name for such a beautiful lily. Love your captures. Lovely with such a nice mix of muted coloration. genie
These are beautiful - sometimes it's fun to go with a different flower. I love Lillies. They are the one flower that I can always count on in my garden:-)

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