From A Stream Of Water

 It wasn't a day for going out yesterday - unless you had to - so  I was doing my usual and was looking for something to photograph. 
 I decided I was going to take pictures of water. Now, here in Scotland we call playing with water 'skiddling'. So I suppose I was skiddling at the kitchen sink lol. 
How many mums let their children do this when they were wee? I did and my kids loved it. Em, I had fun today as well, this photography thing seems to bring out the inner child in me, he he.

I was taking pictures of water coming out of the tap. After an hour or so (phew was it really so long) of trying to get a 'better' shot I decided enough was enough. But, I was so excited to see my results - I think my family think I have turned a wee bit nuts lol.  
Anyway I'm so pleased with the results, hope you like them too.

From a steady flow of water.

Turning the pressure down a wee bit

 Loving the reflections

The water droplet landing.

Water pressure back up

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Eileen said…
These are fantastic, well done.
Anonymous said…
These are great, Ellie! Photo #4 is my favorite! All your hard work trying to get the best shot paid off. :)
TexWisGirl said…
the stream of droplets is fantastic!!!
Jill said…
Wow, Ellie! These are fantastic! I especially love that third shot. Keep playing!
Karen said…
Those are cool Ellie!
Rose said…
I DO like the results...time well spent in my opinion.
Brooke said…
These are FUN!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie

What absolutely cracking photos. Where do you get your inspiration from
Tamar SB said…
Those are so great! I should try that some time!
Kim Stevens said…
Oh these are just so awesome! And although I love getting water from fountains and such I have never tried from my sink! Just so great!
Linda said…
What a great idea! I never thought to play at the sink! Thanks for the different views...great job!
Those are some great shots...I'm not even sure if I would know how to do that....I guess just real quick shutter speed? I'm still learning about my camera as you can tell:-).

My girls loved playing in the sink, too. Actually they would probably still like it - even though it usually ends up with water everywhere!
Nice photo story Ellie. You're being creative in your search of subjects.
Jen Umm said…
this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!
deb duty said…
These are fabulous, Ellie! I especially love the drops in mid air. Great reflections too. Looks like you had loads of fun!

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