Snow Capped Mountain

I had to drop my car into the garage yesterday to have a service done and to get the clutch checked (ouch, I think that may cost some money). I left the garage and took a walk home, I brought my camera with me as it was an ok day for a change. The walk home only usually takes about half an hour, but it ended up taking me an hour- I blame the camera lol.

I walked back via the beach and the snow capped mountains of Arran was looking stunning so I had to take a picture to show you. 
The  profile of the island is also referred to as the 'Sleeping Warrior' due to its resemblance to a resting human figure. I had never noticed that before until we were coming back from a holiday a couple of years ago. We were coming back over in the ferry and the profile really did look like a sleeping warrior.

The highest point in Arran is a mountain called Goatfell which is a popular place for people to visit - we didn't climb it though. It reaches up to 2,866 feet. The name Goatfell  is believed to mean either 'Mountain of Wind' (from the Gaelic gaoth) or 'Goat Mountain' (from the Norse geita).

So there you a few interesting facts on Arran. 


Jeanne said…
such a wonderful picture, and would love to see more of the area you live in. Just gorgeous!
Karen said…
Oh my Ellie, what a spectacular view!
Janie said…
Sorry to hear about your clutch!
I agree wth Jeanne, love seeing your location photos because I will never make it there most likely.
Thanks for the history on this mountain too.
Congratulations for being TexWisGirl's FIRST comment!
What an honor to keep up with that girl.

Anne said…
The mountains look lovely! We haven't seen any snow over here yet:)
Paul said…
A splendid photo, Ellie. It's great living near the ocean on a lovely day.
Annabella said…
I have to get me some Scottish mountains soon - too beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Wow, Ellie! Simply breath-taking!
EG Wow said…
Stunning photo of the "Sleeping Warrior."
Tracy Wood said…
My gosh! Beautiful! I would love living near that view!
Rose said…
What a beautiful view!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
"Snow capped mountains of Arran" is SO spectacular♬♬♬
Already Beautiful White!!!
Cars cost money, don't they...
Blessing to you, xoxo Orchid*
Loveforfood said…
wonderful place to visit.
Just wonderful. An amazing shot !
Wow...that is a breathtaking shot. You sure do live in a beautiful place. I was not aware that you had mountains in Scotland. It looks like Oregon.

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