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Yesterday morning I decided I wanted to make some mincmeat pies. I decided this at 11am and I have to be at work for 2pm so a bit of a challenge. But you know that way when you get a bee in your bonnet and you just have to go for it, well that was how it was. 

 I'm not usually very good at making pastry - they say that you are either good at pastry or sponges. Something to do with the temperature of your hands. Apparently you need cold hands to make good pastry, well my hands are of the hot variety.

 So I gathered all my ingredients - flour, butter, sugar, egg yolk, cold water and mincemeat

 Sifted flour into bowl

Added cut up butter to the flour and mixed into breadcrumbs -I cheated using my mixer. ;)
Then I added an egg yolk mixed with 2 teaspoons of cold water. Made it into a dough, wrapped it in clingfilm and put in fridge for 30 minutes.

Got mincemeat ready. Roll pastry out and using a pastry cutter cut pastry into rounds. Put these rounds into a bun tray and add the mincemeat. Make sure to cut enough pastry rounds for the tops of the pies.  I tried something different and made stars and reindeers for the tops.  Brush the top with egg wash. Pop them in the oven for 25 minutes.

And there you have it. How do you like my reindeers (Karen had a reindeer cutter which did the job brilliantly)

And there you have it and you know what - they were delicious if I do say so myself and the pastry was perfect. I may just make more of these at the weekend.

Oh, and I managed to finish making them and tidied the kitchen up in plenty of time for work.  
Success!!!!  :))


I have not seen mince pies here in France, think it must be a English thing. I can't even find mixed dry fruit here, lucky I brought some from the UK so I will make a small fruit cake for the two of us. Diane
Paul said…
They look magnificent! A work of art!
orchid said…
Hi, Dearest Ellie.
How delectable they look♬♬♬
As I never tasted pie like these, enlarged picture made me watering(*^_^*)
What a time-consuming job, including cleaning up. We understand☆☆☆
Anyways, I liked the phrase "get a bee in your bonnet".
Much Love from east, xoxo Orchid*
Jill said…
I love your pies! Took me back to some warm memories. While I'm not a fan of mincement, many of my family, past and present are. One year, I even made homemade mincemeat for my Dad. Thanks for sharing, Ellie.

Your reindeer are the perfect addition!
Jeanne said…
Your little pies look yummy, so the next part we need here Ellie is the mincemeat recipe????? Have no clue how to make mincemeat, but think it would be fun to try. Also, even with warm hands, looks to me like your pastries came out lovely. Did you make it to work on time...?
Pat MacKenzie said…
Your pastry looks lovely. I'm nolt a big fan of mincemeat but my mother's family always had lots of it on hand for the holidays. The raindeer and stars were perfect additions.
TexWisGirl said…
i wasn't going to comment as i usually don't relate to cooking, baking, recipes, etc. but then i scrolled down and saw your cute little reindeer and stars. adorable!
Flora said…
Never liked mincemeat mom use to make them...yours look the reindeer!
Karen said…
I bet those were yummy!
Giga said…
Nie tylko ładnie wyglądają, ale i z pewnością były pyszne. Pozdrawiam
Buttons said…
Yummy this is making me very hungry. I have to go find something to eat now. :) B
lisa said…
I smile as I read this Ellie.

First of all, it has been a long time since I've had mincemeat, as I am the only one here that loves it, so I think it is time that I treat myself!!

Secondly, my dear Aunt who is no longer with me, baked with me every year at both Christmas and Easter. she would always grab hold of my hands before I started to work with dough, and tell me if my hands were warm enough. If not, she would insist on taking over. I do not doubt that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

Thank you for the memory!
Jeanne said…
Oh say, do you ship???? LOL
These look perfect. I have never eaten mincemeat; I have always wondered what is in mincemeat.
Rose said…
Now I am hungry! Thet look delicious.
Loveforfood said…
awesome pies. i love pies.
barefoot mama said…
looks soooooooo delicious!! ~B

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