One of Those Days

Well, the wind eventually eased off during the night - today it is alternating between heavy rain, sleet, snow and hailstones - lovely eh!!! 

On top of all that I picked up the car from the garage yesteday - they couldn't find anything wrong with the clutch but I had to have 2 new tyres put on. 
Well, this morning I went to take Karen to the train station and one of the new tyres was totally flat.  Aaaaargh. 
So I had to TRY and change it, I must have looked as if I was struggling because my neighbour across the road came over and helped me - well actually he did it for me lol. Thank goodness for lovely neighbours.
So now I have to go back to the garage to get it fixed but, not before waiting for a delivery which is supposed to be here before noon - what are the chances of that happening?  Then I have to get to work for 2pm.  

 I tell you it's just as well I've got a good sense of humour - honest I have, he he.

Oh my goodness, what a moany post - I apologise!! So I thought I'd post a couple of colourful pictures - just to brighten my, and anybody else who needs it, day. 

Have a good one everyone lol.


Jill said…
Your pictures are lovely. The colors are so pretty.

Your post wasn't moany at all. Just telling things like they are. I'm sure sorry for all of your troubles. As they say TGIF! Here's to a relaxing've earned it!
Dianna said…
Aw, so sorry about the bad weather and the flat tire. Wonderful that you have a neighbor willing to help out! (I'd say he deserves a plate of Christmas cookies!)
Karen said…
Beautiful colours in those photos! They have brightened my day, it's grey and snowing here!
TexWisGirl said…
good neighbors make life so much better! sorry about the bad weather and the tire (or tyre as you folk call them!)
They brightened my grey afternoon. We heard about the bad weather you are having hope it has calmed down by now.
Anonymous said…
Your photos are sorry for the day you've had.

LOVE that you have a good sense of humor!

Hugs from way over here,
Good luck with the car problems, love the bright red color of the first shot :)
Giga said…
Brzydka pogoda, kłopoty z samochodem, życzliwi sąsiedzi, znowu niepewność samochodem , a Ty masz ochotę napisać zabawny post - podziwiam. Pozdrawiam
Sheila said…
Great photos , sorry about your car problems .
lisa said…
Oh, what a day for you Ellie, but it sounds like you're smiling in spite of it. What a bright spirit you have!
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend.
Kala said…
Ahh, such is life Ellie.

Gorgeous color in the first photo and brilliant light in the second!
Kimberly said…
Oh my! I hope tomorrow is a better day! At least you seem to have kept your sense of humor through it all.

Beautiful photos!
Rose said…
What a frustrating day...I sure can imagine how you felt...

That top photo is absolutely beautiful.
Kat Sloma said…
Hi Ellie! I've tried to contact you to get you registered for the Find Your Eye: Starting the Journey class, but the email keeps getting rejected. I must have the wrong address. Can you email me at kat [at]
Nothing ever seems to get delivered on time. I totally understand the frustration.
Roan said…
Well, I certainly hope all your bad luck is behind you. Good neighbors are the best! Have a wonderful weekend!
It's too bad that you were not having a good day. Hopefully things brighten up for you.
Connie Smiley said…
Oh dear, what a day! But at least you won a contest, and had some very beautiful photos to share.
leavesnbloom said…
I would dread to be stuck with a flat tyre! We're in for some dreadful weather next week too Ellie and I was wondering what it was like for you on the west coast but we lost our internet connection and I couldn't contact you. Look what is instore for us this week coming

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