Special guest

welcome! Emma's here. you may or may not remember my mum talking about me. but i am secretly her favourite child... SHHHHH.... :P

While I sit here and sip on my juice box of apple juice, it got me thinking...


Here is why...

  • my mum is adorable
  • my mum is always there for me when I need her (or her money :P)
  • my mum helps me when I am down
  • she provided this apple juicebox for me!
  • I loooooove apple juice!
  • She doesnt pressure me like most mums do for their children
  • she lets me get on with what I want to do, and she completely stands behind every step I make.
  • She loves me lots like jelly tots (I know some of the awesome Americans that read some of my mummy's blogs will not know what jelly tots are, but they are the most amazing kind of sweety ever invented)
  • you know my mummy is phenomenal since her lovely daughter, Emma, is writing this up about her
  • when my mummy smiles, her eyes disappear
  • she is suffering a terrible headache right now, and she is still smiling.
  • She is such a softy, its amazing. She cries at mostly everything. (TV commericals and songs)
  • she drinks out of the happy birthday mug I gave her. She loves it.
  • She is so very brilliant
  • her laugh is brilliant.
  • Although it annoys me, she always say words I hate which is funny but seriously mum, please quit using the words “butt” ok? Thanks
  • my mum helped me into this world (thankyou for giving me life)
  • this sounds very gay, but its very true.

I love you mum! And no matter what, I always will! So when I move to USA when im older, you can come move with me. :)


and i wish y'all a fantastical, merry perfect christmas and a happy new year. :)


TexWisGirl said…
so very sweet! we know your mum is a sweetie, and we love her too!
Jill said…
Bless your heart. This was the BEST blog I've read in a long time. Your Mom is a doll. We love her too (you must take after her). :)
Mira said…
Awwww! That's too adorable! :)
Anne said…
A lovely post! Have a nice evening:)
Tezzie said…
Very sweet, indeed, and very true :)

Ellie, thanks so much for your kind comment at my place...you may have noticed that the link wasn't actually to a recipe, but to a site explaining the holiday itself. BUT, I've googled a couple of recipes in English and put them in the same post, just after the other link, if you're still interested :D

Take care! (and hope Santa brings "your favourite" daughter something really nice for Christmas ;D)
Sheila said…
I think Ellie is very lucky to have a daughter who loves her as much as you do Emma , lovely post and give your Mom and extra hug from me as I think she is special too.
Annabella said…
Your mum is great and I love her photos!
lisa said…
It is so nice to "meet" you Emma.
Your Mom is an absolute sweetheart!
Tracy Wood said…
What nice words about your mom. I am a mom, so I know how much these words mean to her!! :)
I hope my girls will say the same things about me when they are a little older. That was way too cute! I hope your mom gets over her headache soon! I have been suffering from one as well so I feel for her.
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma! Nice to see you here on your Mum's blog! That was an awesome post about your mom. Hope her headache is better now!
Lasse said…
A lovely post! Take care !
Dianna said…
Hi, Emma, what a sweet post to your mum - hope she's feeling better.
Jelly tots,hmmm? Never heard of them, but that's a cute saying!I'll have to try it on my hubby!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie

Aren't you lucky to have such a lovely daughter (one of three lovely daughters) Beautiful words Emma, brought a huge lump to my throat.

Debbie said…
ooooohhhhh so sweet emma, you are lucky to have each other!!
What a lovely tribute to your Mum. :)
This is so sweet. I love the photo of the two of you, lovely.
orchid said…
Oh, Emma and Ellie♡♡♡
How Lovely!!!
So Sweet and this post warmed my heart a lot, thank you very much.
Blessing to you both, from Japan, xoxo Orchid*
What a sweet, precious post...full of love!
Kayla said…
O what a sweet tribute to you! I knew I liked you before...but now that I see you through your daughter's eyes....I truly love you! Oh and I too cry at just about everything...and use words that make my kids cringe...butt being just one of them! ;)
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