Fancy A Chocolate Anyone?

 Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  

Christmas Eve was a busy one between tidying up the house, wrapping presents, delivering presents - phew quite exhausting!!  Fell into bed around midnight I think and promptly fell asleep.  Bliss!!!!

 Emma woke us all up about 8.30am and the present opening ceremony began.  We were all very lucky and received beautiful gifts.  

 Laura received this huge box of chocolates - seems to go on forever don't you think?  They are rather tasty as well - I am a sucker for chocolates  - yummy!!!!

My mum and dad were coming around for dinner - no pressure on me there then lol.  I don't know about you but I start out fine and by the time to dish up I am flustered and feeling the heat somewhat. It all seems to come together in the end though. And, even if I do say so myself - it was very tasty (pats self on head, he he). Everybody said they enjoyed it so that was fine.

 After dinner we all sat around blethering for a while - nice and relaxed - while my girls tidied up the kitchen which was no mean feat - believe me! They did a wonderful job and it was spotless when they were finished. I think I may keep them lol.

In the evening we watched Ice Age and Independance Day on the telly while having a wee Bailey's Cream drink mmmmm.

 What a perfect way to end the day.
How was your Christmas day? 

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TexWisGirl said…
glad you and yours had a very nice day together! :)
So happy to hear that you had a wonderful day. Those chocolates look delicious! Happy Boxing Day!
lisa said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Ellie!
Sending you wishes for a very Happy New Year.
Sounds like you had a lovely day for Christmas. It is so nice to have family around for the Christmas, it is much fun to share food and love at this time of year.
Flora said…
Christmas Day was great...but I don't think I want a chocolate... I am sooo stuffed!!
Jeanne said…
So glad that you had a lovely Christmas Ellie! Your photo today reminded me that I had a wonderful box of bon bons under the tree that I had forgotten about. To bad since this is the first day of no sweets. LOL. OOPPPs. Have a wonderful day
Annabella said…
Merry Christmas Ellie to you and yours! Sounds like a perfect day.
Giga said…
Całkiem miło spędziłam Święta, w gronie dzieci i wnuczek. Twoje, myślę, były też bardzo udane. Czekoladki smakowicie wyglądają :-). Pozdrawiam
Sounds like a pleasant and very delicious Christmas.
Debbie said…
my boys were home the entire weekend and life was just like it use to be many years ago!! it was wonderful to spend 2 full days with both of them, i love the men they have become!!
Jill said…
It sounds like a lovely time for you, Ellie!

I'll toast to you with some of that Bailey's! ;)
Wendy said…
Wow, those chocolates look great! And sounded like you had a very nice holiday!
Sheila said…
YUMMY chocolates , can't resist those . It sounds like Christmas was very lovely for you and your family :-) Nice to have the girls help with the clean up too.
hugs Sheila
deb duty said…
Sounds like a wonderful Christmas day for you and your family. We ended our day with a movie too. It was nice after all the business leading up to Christmas. Those chocolates look so good and there are so many!
Kayla said…
That sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I am glad that Laura shared her chocolates and that you didn't have to clean up the kitchen yourself. A Merry Christmas, indeed!
Anette said…
I love your photo, and I also love chocolate. Fortunately I got a big box this year, I'm trying to save it, but I don't know how long it will last ;) Hugs from Anette in Norway :)
icedgurl said…
trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!

Buttons said…
It sounds perfect. B
Sivinden said…
Those chocolates look delicios, but I'm afraid I have had too many of them ...
Wish you a happy new year:)
LoLy said…
WOW, Chocolates !!?? nothing on earth can make me feel better than having a bite of these little babies :D Love it

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