A couple of pictures of ornaments on my Christmas tree. 

I'm sorry I'm falling behind in visiting your blogs.  Where is the time going - too much to do and too little time to do it in.  It's getting to the point where I don't know who I have visited and who I haven't  aaargh!!!!!

 Emma plays violin in the school orchestra and last night was the school Christmas concert.  There were singers, choirs, musicians and drummers - it is amazing what talent there is in the youngsters these days. This is her last year of doing these as she leaves school in June.  She also had her last Christmas dance with the school. So she is feeling a little bit sad I think.  She enjoys school - the first (and youngest) of my girls to enjoy it.  

Anyway if I don't (and haven't) get round to visiting your blog please know that I am wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas.


Jill said…
That snowman just makes me smile! :) I so miss Christmas concerts. They don't do much of that here anymore, plus my kids aren't in choir. I'm so glad you get to enjoy it.

You are so busy, Ellie...while I would miss your comments, please, never feel obligated to leave them on my blog. Well, just while you're busy, then back at it girl! :)
Kayla said…
Thanks for the glimpse of your ornaments!

Believe me, I understand the busy-ness....I have been slacking off in posts...and commenting on my friend's blogs! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!
Sush said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours's just that time of the year! I think we all understand when one or another of our bloggy friends has been out and about.
Hope you have comfort and joy and a very Happy New Year!
Debbie said…
i see special ornaments on the tree, i really love the snowman!!

i miss christmas concerts, everyone is all grown up now. my next hope for christmas concerts will be grandchildren.

i have not been around to visit either :( but i hope to change that going forward.

happy holidays ellie, may you enjoy all the magic of the season!!
Karen said…
Lovely decorations. Best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season!
I love your decoration .It is all so merry .

Just found your blog.
Follow each other.
TexWisGirl said…
i hope you and yours enjoy your holidays with each other. we bloggers will be here whenever you have more time! :)
lisa said…
Your ornaments are wonderful Ellie!
I am so glad that you are here.
Sending you wishes for a most beautiful Holiday.
Anonymous said…
And when you come this evening
Christmas tree decorated with candles
Let the white wafer as a poultice
Always heal the wounds of your soul
Let joy fill thy heart
With the hope proclaims what nursery
Let blissful singing carols
Thy mute concerns, worries
Let the words of thy cordial wishes
As the star will light up your neighbor.
And when it all come true
You will feel the message of Christmas Eve.
EG Wow said…
Pretty ornaments. I wish you a very merry Christmas!
Giga said…
Bałwanek jest zabawny. Nie martw się, że nie zawsze wszystkich odwiedzisz. Nie zawsze jest czas, jest jeszcze życie poza blogiem. Życzę również spokojnych i wesołych Świąt . Pozdrawiam
orchid said…
Oh, wonderful tree ornaments♡♡♡
I feel SO happy enjoying my friends' beautiful trees; which we don't have.
Christmas concerts will be wonderful♬♬♬ Oh, Emma plays violin and lovely to hear she is feeling a bit sad. My husband would love to play saxophone with her♪♪♪
Merry Christmas to all of your family, xoxo Orchid*
BlueShell said…
So beautiful...
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ...And that we all may accomplish our dreams …
deb duty said…
These are such beautiful decorations and lovely photos! I haven't had as much time for visiting blogs lately either! It's a busy time! I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family! I have so enjoyed getting to know you this year, Ellie!
Janie said…
NICE is the violin, thank you for sharing that part of your life. I have a new adult girlfriend that played as a very young child, and she STILL plays today. In fact she practices 2 to 3 hours a day. Violin players are unique. They have such constitution and control over their time. Kids that play instruments in school do learn this better than others. Both my adult kids played in school band all of their school days.
Hey I know about time and lack of it. No worries, we will be here when you are back.

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