A Couple of Pictures

I managed to catch a picture of my three girl together - no easy task let me tell you. I've never known girls to not like getting their picture taken - apart from perhaps me!!!! lol.
Laura, Karen and Emma - my beautiful girls!

And here is a token one of me and Danny.

Do you remember the post with the picture of the threads and needle?  Well here is what Karen was making with it.

She wanted to know what our favourite animal was and made these. 

The elephant is mine, the penguin is Laura's and the panda is for Emma. 

 Super cute I think you would agree!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
such beauty and talent in your family! and i didn't realize you HAD 3 girls! i knew you had 2!
Giga said…
Masz śliczne i zdolne dziewczyny. Ty i dziewczyny zrobiłyście wspaniałe zwierzęta. Pozdrawiam i życzę szczęśliwego 2012 roku.

You have a beautiful and capable girl. You and the girls zrobiłyście wonderful animals. I greet and wish you a happy 2012.
Flora said…
Wonderful family!!.. I tried to get a picture of my 3 children...every picture...someone was acting up...so much for that...and they are grown adults!!
Jeanne said…
What beautiful daughters you have and know you are so proud of them! See they take after you! Thank you for sharing, and now we can put faces to your stories!
Tracy Wood said…
Great looking family!
Debbie said…
what a beautiful family!!
Jill said…
Such a lovely and talented family! :)
Sweet Tea said…
Raising 3 girls is a BIG accomplishment.
They are each VERY pretty!
Loved the cute stuffed animals too!!
You have a beautiful family! The stuff animals are all so cute.
Paul Forster said…
Wonderful toys. Amazing what needle and thread can produce. A lovely photo of your daughters and you and Danny.
orchid said…
Wonderful picture of your family♬♬♬
So sorry missing some of your posts, my friend!
See you next year, from Japan with LOVE. Orchid*
Dianna said…
So nice to see pictures of your family, Ellie!
You have some talented daughters. Thanks for sharing!
lisa said…
Your girls are beautiful Ellie, and what a great photograph!
I wish you a very Happy New Year.
busybusybeejay said…
What lovely photos.They look great girls and you must be so proud of them.
Rose said…
Your girls are so beautiful...they all look like they have a twinkle in their eyes...I think the one on the left looks like her dad...the middle looks like you, and the one on the right is a combo of both of you. I wonder if I would think that if I could see them in person. I like the pic of you and your hubby, too.

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