Memories of Summer

Today has been yet another miserable day. Karen and I went out this afternoon in the hope that we could get some piccies. But while we were out the heavens opened and it absolutely poured with rain. We decided that it just was not worth getting out of the car. So we came straight back home.

Now I was left with a dilemma - no new pictures to post - oh no!!!! 

So I started looking through my archives (can you believe I have archives). 

We visited these gardens in Norfolk last summer. It was really beautiful - so full of colour and trees (I love trees lol). So I had a look to see which I thought was my favourite picture. And this one is it. So peaceful looking - even though the water is full of algae and is green. 

I really like it, I hope you do too. 

 Oh, by the way the car has had its tyre fixed and so far so good. 
Now just to sort this damn weather out, lol.



TexWisGirl said…
it is a lovely 'archive' shot. sorry about the miserable weather. trade you! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful makes me long for summer time!
Jill said…
Poor Ellie. You are having way more than your fair share of poor weather!

I do LOVE this photo though. Thanks for sharing it.
Eileen said…
This is a beautiful photo Ellie, well done. I love the colours.

Our good weather has gone too but we're not having it as bad as you are. Not long to spring!!
Tracy Wood said…
That photo looks like paradise!! So lush and green! It's getting kinda grey over here in Michigan.... lots of snow very soon!
Karen said…
Green is my favourite colour! This is a gorgeous shot. I really like the algae, it looks like a lovely path through the garden.
Flora said…
summer?? what's that:) ..beautiful picture!
Paul said…
Nothing wrong with digging up some old photos. Thanks for sharing your lovely old photo!
Over here we also need a view of summer, thanks for this. We have almost had as much rain in the past three weeks as we have had all year!! Diane
Dianna said…
Beautiful photo from your ARCHIVES!
Glad your car is fixed, hope your weather improves!
Tezzie said…
Oh, wow...that's so pretty...and TOTALLY makes me long for summer again!
Julie G. said…
Ellie, a most gorgeous photograph! So nice to see such beauty on a dreary day. You captured the colors, lushness, and depth in a lovely manner. It's always fun to look back in the archives. Viewing old images take me back to the time I took them.
Rose said…
this is a beautiful shot!
Glad your car is fixed..that is never fun. This is a pretty shot - I love green swamps and the purple flowers are so pretty in this.

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