Tree Lined Pathways

When we visited Eglinton Country Park at the weekend I remembered a tree lined pathway which I had seen and taken a picture of way back in March.  
It was very bare and quite wintry looking.  
Here is that picture.

Just look at the difference 4 or 5 months can make!!

It is so pretty.
I LOVE tree lined pathways. 
There is just something so magical about them (I think anyway).

I've decided I'm going to do some pictures of different places at different seasons of the year.
 So I'll come back here in the autumn - you just know how lovely it will look with all of those browns, yellows and oranges in those leaves. 
I will just have to try and remember to post the picture!!!

Sharing today with  

NB. on the car issues we are having. Danny was out again last night in the rain (not quite as heavy as the night before).  
It's not quite as simple a job as I thought. But hopefully it will be finished tonight. 
I don't envy him at all working out there in the rain - but the garage is such a mess we can't get the car in - I blame Danny for that. It's all his stuff :)) 
Maybe this will teach him to be more tidy - doubt it though :))

Only joking Danny - I can just imagine the comments he is going to make when he reads this post, lol.


tinajo said…
This is really lovely! :-)
Molly said…
I really like that idea. I took an image of the lost gate in our local woods during the winter and I was just thinking the other day that I wondered how the summer would have altered that image. I think I need to find out.

Sandra said…
A lovely tree-lined path in both seasons, Ellie. Those leaves really make a difference, don't they?
Sending you some sunshine from here. Sandra
Jill said…
Beautiful! I'm with you...I LOVE a tree lined path and this one is stunning.

Poor Danny. I hope it's resolved soon.
Amazing photos showing the difference in seasons of your tree-lined paths. It's beautiful either way!
beautiful!! can't wait to see the autumn colors!

good luck with the car issues. ugh!!
Yes it will be lovely to see those trees then. Don't they look lovely now though! So fresh and green! I do hope your car issues are solved soon for all your sakes!! Joan
What a difference, it is interesting to see places at different times like this.
Tamar SB said…
Wow! Gorgeous!! Both with leaves and without!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I love the picture of the tree lined lane. I almost like the winter one better in its stark beauty.
I think it's gorgeous in any season with that structure!
Pradeepa said…
I too love tree lined pathways and this is just amazing. How I love to be there now.
TexWisGirl said…
ha ha!

(you need to link this to green day, too!)
Susan Beth said…
Stunning tree lined way. Working on a car in the rain is a bummer, so I hope the job finishes up quickly today!
Rose said…
Oh, I so agree with you about tree-lined pathways, or even roads for that matter just feel magical. They make me feel I am in another, nicer world.
Rohrerbot said…
These are some of my favorite views as well. They create a magical space. I do it here with Bamboo or mesquite trees. The only issue we have is with the Mesquite tree root as it loves to crawl on the surface and push up pavement and cement.....but it makes a nice shade tree. Love your pics and thoughts.
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, green avenue is fantastic. I am greeting
Annmarie Pipa said…
wow..pretty cool photos!!
Giga said…
Pięknie wygląda teraz zielona aleja,. Pozdrawiam.
It looks beautiful now green alley. Yours.
Rita said…
Your photos are amazing and I love the idea of the before and after leafing out of the trees.

There is a house near where I use to live with the most spectacular yard in all seasons. I started out to capture it in each of its various looks. Somehow I keep missing the fall shot and after three years still have not completed the set. Oh well, perhaps this fall I will finally get that elusive shot.

Thanks for sharing this lovely scene and for visiting my family post today.
Wow- isn't that a stunning path.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, what a difference♡♡♡ And it sure is a wonderful idea to see these changes, isn't it♬♬♬

Poor your hard working husband, my husband is really bad at tidy things up like other typical Japanese men ;)))

Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
I like a good comparison picture. It makes a big difference to have everything green again - it seems to have been very late this year (actually it's just turning out to be an odd weather year all round)

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