Wild Flowers

Today has been the first sunny, dry day in what feels like ages.  So, when I got home from work I decided I must cut our jungle, I mean grass :))
  It was honestly getting to look just like a jungle.  
The only trouble is that our strimmer isn't working so the grass is nice and tidy but the edges leave a lot to be desired. 
Hopefully we will have a dry day at the weekend and I can tidy that up too.

This evening, after dinner, Karen and I decided to go out. We went along to the beach to see what I could take some pictures of. I have no pictures left on my camera and really needed to remedy that.

There were plenty of the usual lovely wildflowers out there like the daisies and clover but there were a couple that I really didn't recognise. 
For example look at that last picture - what on earth is that???

I've not got much more to report from this week. 
I'm doing lots of extra hours at work to cover for people being on holiday, so I've not got a lot of free time to do anything terribly exciting. 

I hope you are all having a much more exciting time than me!!!!


TexWisGirl said…
i like those big healthy thistles in the center photo. hope you can get your jungle cut. ours is dry, dusty and nonexistent except for crab grass and grasshoppers.
Jill said…
Those last flowers are really interesting! I have no idea what they are. I hope you don't over do it this week, Ellie. Pace yourself. :)
Rose said…
I don't know what the last flowers are but I sure like them...hope you can photgraph them later on.
I love the flowers. I hope the week goes well for you since you are putting in extra hours.
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie, I'll bet your neighbours were happy that your strimmer isn't working! Those noisy things are the bane of my life and people with gardens usually decide to use them in their gardens when I'm sitting on my balcony having lunch! They sound like a swarm of angry mosquitos with microphones round their necks!!!
Lovely thistles! I don't know what those last flowers are either! Do you have a book on wild flowers?
Karen said…
Lovely shots Ellie! It's so dry here there isn't much to take pics of.
Paul said…
Love the wildflower photos, Ellie! Here is my new blog http://seasonsfullcircle.blogspot.co.nz/
Fiona said…
Morning Ellie,

I don't know what the flowers are either but they really are pretty aren't they?

You are lucky to have the beach near you, it must be nice to be able to walk there in the evenings.

Hope you don't work too hard this week and that you will get some "me" time.

Take care and fingers crossed that it keeps sunny!

Fiona x
Laurel's Quill said…
Wished I could say I was, but the heat has done me in... Love the wildflowers!
geetlee said…
I have no idea what those flowers are, they look amazing though.
Glad to hear you are enjoying the sun :)
beautiful flowers - glad you got a glimpse of sun!!
mary x
These are very beautiful for wild flowers.

Anonymous said…
Lovely flowers, Ellie! Wildflowers are some of the pretties there is.

I hope the sun comes out so you can finish trimming your jungle...I mean grass! :-)
What lovely pictures anyway and...no...I have no idea what they are but aren't they pretty! Sorry you are inundated with work. I suppose that if it were beautiful weather ut would be even harder for you?! The weekend's coming up ...so I hope you get a chance to rest and enjoy! Joan
I do hope the weather has at last improved for you, lovely photos.
Joyful said…
Beautiful photos of wildflowers.
Sometimes it's good not to have "exciting" things to take up our time. It's great that you are there are work to cover for others. Hopefully when you want a break from work they can do the same for you. Enjoy your summer.

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