Colourful Fields

Ok, here is another couple of shots from one of my cycle rides the other day.
  I just love all of the different colours in these fields. 
I drive by these scenes in my car and although I do enjoy it I don't really appreciate just how lovely the scenery really is.  
I suppose this is just another benefit to getting out on my bike :)

Talking about being out on my bike - I went out again last night for an hour.  
It was quite breezy and made the going just that wee bit harder.  I managed though - pat's self on head, lol.
However when we got home and we were going up the path beside our house I turned to tell  Karen that I was stopping so that she wouldn't go into the back of me. 
You can just tell where this story is going can't you :))
Well I put my brake on and the back wheel came up and I couldn't control my bike,  it was wobbling about with me on it - I was trying really hard to be in charge but the bike got the better of me and the next thing I knew I am on the ground in a tangled in amongst the demon bike. 
All credit due to Karen she did make sure I was ok before laughing so hard she had to visit the little girl's room!
Just so you all know - I am fine, a bit of a sore wrist and a scraped elbow but I am absolutely fine and actually had a good laugh myself. 
It must have been very funny to see. The trouble is all of my neighbours could have seen it too - oh no how embarassing!!!

They do say you learn lessons the hard way - well I will be very careful in future you can be sure of that. 

It made for a good blog post though :))

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rainfield61 said…
I think you have to wait, someone may blog about this..

Fiona said…
Oh poor Ellie!

Glad you are ok now
bit of a fright to get though!

No wonder you are losing all that weight, cycling around like a mad woman!!!

Lovely photos of lovely fields

Have a great day

x Fiona
Giga said…
Mimo iż wycieczka rowerowa nie była szczęśliwa, bo upadłaś, to zdjęcia są bardzo ładne. Dobrze, że Ci się nic poważnego nie stało. Pozdrawiam.
Although the bike trip was not happy because you fell down, the pictures are very nice. It's good that you are nothing serious has happened. Yours.
The fields are delightful!
beautiful scenery for a sunday morning.
that's the nice thing about being on a bike...or get to SEE the things you pass along the road.
as far as your mishap...i've had the same thing happen, while camping...and we were riding around the campground...all was fine until i hit some sand & loose dirt...bam! i hit the ground, quickly looked around to see if anyone saw....i was so embarrassed...something to laugh about...afterwards!! :)
Glad you are OK, I have done something like that a couple of times so I feel for you! I agree you see so much more on your bike that you do in a car.
N and I went out this morning for a ride and I took a wrong rode, we ended up doing 50km before we found our way home up some very steep hills!! Lucky N does never does post mortems but we were both a little weary :) Have a great week Diane
Scenery is excellent ~ Great shots!~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

ps ~ glad you are okay ~ minor abrasions aside
Jill said…
Really lovely fields!

Bless your heart! I am so glad your were not seriously injured!
TexWisGirl said…
hate that you had a spill! gorgeous views from your bike, though!
Tamar SB said…
Gorgeous pictures, Ellie! So sorry you took a spill off your bike! I had a nasty bike spill two years ago and have a nasty scar to show for it! Hope your next ride is less eventful!
Sandra said…
Love the photos. So glad to hear that you are not hurt from your bike bucking you off! Karen should have had a camera... it's always easy to laugh afterwards! Dear me, what an experience! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and look after your sore arm.
That's what I would be afraid of - I'm sure it was quite a sight but I'm sure you were sore too.
Paul said…
Glad to see you getting out on the bike. It is great exercise! Lea and I also had a bike ride yesterday.
Nancy Claeys said…
Oh no! I think you mentioned once before that you are accident prone! Me too. xo
Pat said…
Beautiful scenery - bicycling's a great way to see it!
Sandra said…
I love biking too! Once upon a time...I was coming down the driveway risktaker that I am...and I lost control. I hit my HEAD on the pavement. It was scary. Really. Tho I was fine I won't ride without a helmet now. It scared me that much. Glad you a fine! Wear a helmet! :)
I am glad that you are okay. The scenery photos are so lovely.
wait...WHERE do you live!?? Those fields of yellow & purple look JUST like my neck of the woods right now.
lol Monika
in Canada
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I can totally see the need to get out and tour your beautiful country but please be careful.
Sisters are funny like that.
Take care B
Debbie said…
oh ellie, i left that part out as we exchanged notes on how wonderful the bike would be.

i have had many a spill, but i always forget about them and remember the good stuff!!!
Anonymous said…
Lovely photos! You live near the most beautiful places! Glad you didn't get scraped up to terribly bad :)
Lisa Gordon said…
Oh Ellie, you poor thing! I am glad you are okay.
You take care of you, and then....
Get back on that bike!! :-)
Rose said…
I'm laughing with you--not at you:-D))))
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wow, so glad it wasn't the serious one!!! Could have happened to anyone.
Yes, beautiful scenery♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
geetlee said…
Gee! A sore wrist sounds painful! Hope its better now. You got some beautiful shots though.. love the yellow fields in the first one.. amazing!

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