The Olympics

This was one of those views that made my jaw drop. 

That is the ferry coming in from Ireland that you can see in front of Arran.

Now, has anyone been watching the Olympics.  
I haven't watched the telly for such an extended time for so long. 
I'm getting really into it. 
I never would have thought I would have enjoyed it so much.

Right from the opening ceremony which I thought was wonderful. Those wonderful children choirs from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, not forgetting that very funny Mr Bean scene and also James Bond with the Queen, and the great final of lighting the huge torch. 

I've enjoyed it all!

And the sport - I've seen the cycling, swimming, diving, rowing, gymnastics.  
Phew the list goes on!!! 
And some of these events are soooo  exciting. The woman's cycling, for instance, had me on the edge of my seat cheering them on. 
Great stuff!!!!!!
I have to take my hat off to all of these athletes - they are so dedicated and they look as if they are having fun. 

Now where is my bike - I feel the need to go out for a cycle  :))

Who knows maybe you will see me in the next Olympics in 2016 - ha ha ha.


Sandra said…
Lovely shot and lighting, Ellie, though the sea looks very grey and steely and a little cruel! Water has the most marvellous ever-changing lighting effects, doesn't it? I love the rays coming down from the clouds!
Have a great day! Sandra
Kay G. said…
And maybe I will beside you in the next Olympics! HA HA too!
I wrote about the opening ceremony on my blog and I have a clip about the children's choir from Wales that I found on BBC along with a church choir from Wales singing the whole hymn!
In America, we didn't get to see the opening ceremony the way you did, so it was not as good, sad to say (commercials and some of it was completely cut out!) Lucky you in Scotland!
oh wow...beautiful picture!!

i watched the opening ceremonies...but really haven't watched much since...just the highlights on the news.

BUT if you make it into the NEXT Olympics...i'll watch for sure!! promise! :)
Jill said…
Your photo is spectacular, Ellie!
Giga said…
Cudowne zdjęcie. Otwarcie olimpiady oglądałam, a teraz różnie to bywa. Pozdrawiam.
Wonderful picture. Great watching the Olympics opening, and now there have been incidents. Yours.
Anonymous said…
I love how the light is beaming through the clouds!
That photo is amazing.
I have been watching the horses today when I can between cutting the grass and the edges. Too much work to do in the garden. Keep well Diane
TexWisGirl said…
you go with your bad biking self! :)

i did enjoy mr. bean. such a cutie!
Rosie Grey said…
What a fantastic photo, Ellie - it's so beautiful! I also love the Olympic spirit! Have fun with your bike - go, Ellie, go!!! :-))
Debbie said…
haha, you go girl!!

gorgeous image!!
Paul said…
Good luck on your training and olympic dreams and aspirations!
I love the photo, so beautiful. Who knows if you wish hard enough you may make it in the next Olympics!!
Lea White said…
I've not been able to see much of the olympics at all. would have loved to see the gymnastics I think. Good luck with your olympic training :-)
Buttons said…
That is absolutely the best photo I have seen in a very long time. I truly wish I had of been there with you to experience it.
Hey you be careful on that bike and I have no doubt 2016 will be your year:)
Thanks for the great comment on my blog Ellie. Hug B
It has been a really exciting Olympics so far, hasn't it?! And gorgeous photo - don't tell me that the view from your house?!
Rose said…
We are watching now...haven't watched much...but generally I am glued to it.
Rose said…
Oh, your photo is breathtaking!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photograph, real magic. I am greeting
geetlee said…
Ellie, if you make it to the 2016 Olympics, I will be cheering you on :)
It is lots of fun to watch, we've been especially hooked to the swimming races. Very exciting!
Love the photo above. It is gorgeous
Mira Crisp said…
I am a HUGE Olympics fan! I've been watching it daily for hours since the Opening Ceremony (which was brilliant!) and I hate the fact that we don't get to watch it LIVE here in the states. If I am not able to watch something (like the water polo match between Croatia and Italy today) I record it and watch it when I get home. Great shot BTW!
Amy Burzese said…
Beautiful sky light! I don't care about watching sports of any kind, but I do like to hear that the USA won a contest.

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