Some Flowers

I fancied having some lovely flowers in the house, so I went to our local supermarket and bought some.
Some freesias and some stocks.  
I can't even begin to tell you how lovely the smell from them is.  And the best thing is they only cost me £6.00 - not bad eh!!!!

Now, if you now me by now you will know that this means only one thing - I just have to get my camera out :))
  I really like taking pictures of flowers  - I'm not sure why maybe it's because they are so pretty.

Anyway here are my offerings.

Not the best pictures ever but the flowers sure look nice. 

I thought I'd share them with  

Today has been another wet day - it's pouring with rain - again!!!! That is all that we are getting - every day. 
I'm really sorry to moan about it when lots of you are struggling with droughts and very high temperatures and I'll try not moan anymore :)
I went to take my bike to the repair man in town and he was shut - aargh. 
 He is only open 3 days a week - I will just have to go again tomorrow. 

I was watching the news this morning and I saw that London has lovely blue skies and quite warm temperatures - that is definitely good news for the people visiting the olympics. Hope it holds out for them.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me for one day. :))


Laurel's Quill said…
Fresh flowers in the home just brighten things up during wet weather. Hope it clears up soon!
TexWisGirl said…
lovely blooms. i like simple pleasures like those!
Pat said…
It's nice to have such lovely fresh flowers in the house.
Sandra said…
Beautiful stocks, Ellie. I just love those flowers. Photo number three is just so pretty!
Enjoy your flowers and their wonderful perfume!
Debbie said…
so pretty!!
ZielonaMila said…
These flowers are very pretty and delicate. I am greeting
Sheila said…
Gorgeous flowers , the pink flowers are incredible.
Jill said…
YUMMY blossoms!
HoodPhoto said…
Awesome details! Thanks for sharing :)

If you get a chance, come over to my blog and say hello!
"Like" Hood Photography on Facebook!
Your photos of the flowers came out so beautifully!
Sweet Tea said…
Flowers offer such a double-whamy of delight, a feast for the eyes and the nose. Those colors make me think of a wedding. Beautiful photos!
Hot and humid here in the Louisiana bayou.
Giga said…
Lubisz kwiaty, to i lubisz im zdjęcia robić. Przy okazji czułaś ich wspaniały zapach. Pozdrawiam.
Do you like flowers, a photo and you like them to do. By the way, did you feel the wonderful smell. Yours.
Lisa said…
As always, your photos are just breathtakingly lovely! Sorry you've had such yucky's hot and humid here, but other than that the weather has been nice. Enjoy your flowers!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, these flowers are marvelous and I love having flowers in the house as well♡♡♡
So sorry about the weather. Yes, we also hear the news that London is fine at the moment♬♬♬ Looking forward to seeing woderful games!!!
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Mary said…
Those flower are so nice. That is very kind of you to be hoping for good weather during the Olympic...we hosted Winter, 2002 and every one seemed to feel they were somehow letting the visitors down, or disappointing them...for weather. Hahhahha..Best to you and the weather for Olympics.
I am showing how out of touch I am with Uk prices as £6 sounds a lot of money for a bunch of flowers, however they are beautiful.
Rose said…
I wish I had some of your rain...but would be complaining if we had it every day.

Your flowers are lovely...
Rita said…
I have heard of freesias but never seen any before. Lovely bouquet.

Our local newspaper today stated that there has not been any rain in our town for thirty days now. The article also said the people in the know at the weather service predict that we will not see any rain until the end of summer. The mayor has also issued our first ever "conserve water alert" in the history 150 year history of this town.

I wish you could send some of your rain this way.

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