I was out for a run in the car with Karen last night just to see what we could see.
We decided to go to Irvine beach which is just about 5 miles up the road. 
There wasn't very much exciting happening there, but on our way back we passed the Irvine harbour.  

Well when I saw the reflections in the water I just had to 
and get out of the car. 

I was gobsmacked at how lovely it looked.

It was just as well I had decided to take my camera with me. 

So I took a couple of pictures just to show you.

I think it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. 
Isn't that what they call serendipity!!!

It definitely made my night. 

I think I might just go out again tomorrow night - just to see what I can see :)) 

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Have a lovely Sunday.


Jeanne said…
Oh wow Ellie! those photos are totally beautiful! i think you were there at the perfect time. The reflections are marvelous!
That is just how it happens ~ wonderful shots ~ Wow!~ thanks ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)
TexWisGirl said…
they are amazing! wonderful job!
Jill said…
Fantastic, Ellie! Just lovely!
Terri Buster said…
That first one is just beautiful- I love reflections on still water.
Gorgeous photos! That is truly serendipity, Ellie!
Tricia Hays said…
Absolutely wonderful reflections in the water... awesome captures! WoW! =)
Joyful said…
Such a lovely scene though the watermark is quite distracting.
Sandra said…
I love the reflections, especially the first one. I have the feeling the shots were taken by someone called Ellie at Ellie's Place! I could be wrong!!?
Have a beautiful Sunday, Ellie!
sexta-feira said…
They are amazing, indeed! Everything looks so still and peaceful.
Sheila said…
Awesome photos , those reflections are incredible , so clear you could turn it upsidedown :-)
Nancy Claeys said…
Serendipity indeed! These need to be framed, Ellie!

Thanks for sharing at YSB this week. xo
Deborah said…
such a serene scene ...
serendipitous indeed!
Pat said…
Beautiful reflections!
Amy Burzese said…
Beautiful red boat and the reflections are great!
Oh that water is so still - beautiful moment to capture Ellie.
ladyfi said…
So beautiful and serene.
Just gorgeous photos, Ellie! Aren't you glad you had your camera??
Sorry I haven't been visiting lately - have really been busy; hoping to catch up!
Love the first one with the red flag, gorgeous. Have a good week Diane
Kayla said…
Lovely. The water was like glass. My friend, Brian, has a site and he has a whole section on reflections. I think you would enjoy them.
Rose said…
Oh, my, these are wonderful! I so love both of them!
Rita said…
What a fortuitous trip. Lovely reflections.
geetlee said…
Wow!! the reflections are just gorgeous! living next to a water body is so much fun isn't it? i love going down to the river nearby for a walk. I always find something pretty to photograph
James said…
Awesome reflections!
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