I Love My Bike

Well, I've got my bike back from the shop after having it's wheels fixed and I've been out two nights in a row. 

And, I'm LOVING it!!!

Last night we (Karen and I) were out for an hour - we were quite tired by the time we got home and my legs were just a wee bitty shaky!!
 I really enjoyed it though.

Tonight we were out again and only for 45 minutes and again we had a great cycle. 

Here is my bike. 
Debbie - I took your advice and got a basket for it, what a great buy that was - it is so useful. My rain jacket and camera safely stashed in there and can you see - my bike is  purple  :))
 I took this picture - that is the Marine Hotel (the one where Karen works) with Arran in the background. 

I'm hoping to get out again tomorrow - who thought I would get so much pleasure from cycling. Certainly not me


Jill said…
Good for you, Ellie! I love your purple bike. That looks to be a really, really nice (and fancy?) hotel. Lovely!
TexWisGirl said…
i love that your bike is purple and debbie gave you the good advice to add the basket. too cute! glad you're enjoying it again!
Debbie said…
ooohhhh ellie, that's a fine bike you have there!!

purple and a basket, it's perfect!!

i knew you would love it. you can cover a lot more ground and find a lot more stuff to photograph!!

have fun ellie, i adore riding my bike!!!
Lisa Gordon said…
I love to bicycle, and used to do it regularly. It's such a relaxing thing to do, and a great workout.
LOVE your bike!
geetlee said…
yaayy for a lovely bike Ellie :) It looks really gorgeous
Sandra said…
I love your purple bike, Ellie! Good for you getting out to ride it! You will have many fun cycling outings and be getting fit at the same time! Marvellous!
I used to enjoy cycling way back in the dim and distant, but now, only rarely as a way of getting somewhere out of walking distant (and now I have the car again even that has died down). It's an excellent form of transport and so much further to the gallon than a car (also a gallon of tea cost less than a gallon of petrol). I hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.
Tracy Wood said…
Looks like you have plenty of beautiful countryside to enjoy long bike rides. I also have a basket on my bike, which I love!
Anonymous said…
Love your bicycle! Glad you're having fun with it.
Beautiful picture of that hotel!
Kayla said…
Good for you! Riding bicyles, (since I had children) hurts my....how do I say it? Bum.
I am happy to hear that you got your bike back. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with it and it is great exercise.
Rose said…
Like I said earlier...you live in a beautiful, beautiful area.

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