Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I Love My Bike

Well, I've got my bike back from the shop after having it's wheels fixed and I've been out two nights in a row. 

And, I'm LOVING it!!!

Last night we (Karen and I) were out for an hour - we were quite tired by the time we got home and my legs were just a wee bitty shaky!!
 I really enjoyed it though.

Tonight we were out again and only for 45 minutes and again we had a great cycle. 

Here is my bike. 
Debbie - I took your advice and got a basket for it, what a great buy that was - it is so useful. My rain jacket and camera safely stashed in there and can you see - my bike is  purple  :))
 I took this picture - that is the Marine Hotel (the one where Karen works) with Arran in the background. 

I'm hoping to get out again tomorrow - who thought I would get so much pleasure from cycling. Certainly not me


Jill said...

Good for you, Ellie! I love your purple bike. That looks to be a really, really nice (and fancy?) hotel. Lovely!

TexWisGirl said...

i love that your bike is purple and debbie gave you the good advice to add the basket. too cute! glad you're enjoying it again!

Debbie said...

ooohhhh ellie, that's a fine bike you have there!!

purple and a basket, it's perfect!!

i knew you would love it. you can cover a lot more ground and find a lot more stuff to photograph!!

have fun ellie, i adore riding my bike!!!

Lisa Gordon said...

I love to bicycle, and used to do it regularly. It's such a relaxing thing to do, and a great workout.
LOVE your bike!

geetlee said...

yaayy for a lovely bike Ellie :) It looks really gorgeous

Sandra said...

I love your purple bike, Ellie! Good for you getting out to ride it! You will have many fun cycling outings and be getting fit at the same time! Marvellous!

Sandy's witterings said...

I used to enjoy cycling way back in the dim and distant, but now, only rarely as a way of getting somewhere out of walking distant (and now I have the car again even that has died down). It's an excellent form of transport and so much further to the gallon than a car (also a gallon of tea cost less than a gallon of petrol). I hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Tracy Wood said...

Looks like you have plenty of beautiful countryside to enjoy long bike rides. I also have a basket on my bike, which I love! said...

Love your bicycle! Glad you're having fun with it.
Beautiful picture of that hotel!

Kayla said...

Good for you! Riding bicyles, (since I had children) hurts do I say it? Bum.

Words Of Deliciousness said...

I am happy to hear that you got your bike back. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with it and it is great exercise.

Rose said...

Like I said live in a beautiful, beautiful area.