Sugary Goodness

Here we are, the start of a brand new week.
I wonder what's in store for us this week and what unusual, exciting things are going to happen.
Well we will have to wait and see!!

We have had a good weekend, with the birthday celebrations on Saturday and a lovely meal out and then Sunday was a quiet relaxing day - not doing very much. Dan and I popped round to say hi to my mum and dad, Kevin left to go back home and work and Laura is away for another week with her work. 

Today I wanted to do a little post before I go to work - so that's what I'm doing right now.
I thought taking pictures of cakes might be a distraction from eating them so I took a picture of this one. 
Look at all of that sugary goodness, lol.

I have to say though I'd really rather be eating them!!! I am trying really, really hard to be good and not eat any more. I've had 2 of them - one on Saturday and we had to have one then as it was the birthday day and then I had another one yesterday. I just wish the others would hurry up and finish them off.  I also wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth, it's my total downfall :)))

Anyway I've rambled long enough - have a great week everybody.

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Stephanie said…
On a weekend TV show they said having a little bit of a sugary dessert in the morning cuts your craving for the rest of the day and helps your diet. How sweet is that? Your pictures are yummy.
Jill said…
Such a pretty picture! I'm with you on the sweets. Went a little crazy with graduation cake around here and now fighting like crazy to get back on track. Sugar is EVIL!!!
Roan said…
Great Macro shot! I'm with you on the sweet tooth. I long to be like those who can ignore sweets, but I'm not. ;(
joanne said…
I love sweets, but even MY teeth hurt at the sight of all that wonderful sugar!
Fiona said…
That's a lovely photo Ellie.

I love sugar and sweets and choclate and.....

Glad that things have settled down after your busy weekend.
Don't work too hard!

Fiona (still raining here :(

Ruth said…
Yum! Sweet macro goodness :)
TexWisGirl said…
so you decide to torture the rest of us with it!!!
Karen said…
Love that sugary goodness. A really lovely shhot of it Ellie, and my mouth is watering.
HoodPhoto said…
Great post! I have just got back to blogging after having a child and wanted to drop by to say hello. Stop by my blog if u get a chance and also
take a moment to go "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook
Eileen said…
Great photo Ellie. You're very disciplined ... if that was me there would have been a big bite out of that cake!
Paul said…
I'm with you with the sweet tooth. Cake looks deicious in all it's lovely goodness!
sexta-feira said…
Hi! Thanks for popping over to my blog! I just became your 100th follower! :) have a great week, too! Your picture looks delicious!
Buttons said…
Oh I truly think you are an amazing photographer as I am drooling over a cake I cannot possibly take a bite out of:) B
Jeanne said…
That is lovely Ellie... and I did count those pieces. My downfall is also sweets, so good thing for me I am not too close to that!
Nancy Claeys said…
Your evil is sweets, mine is bread! It's so hard to be good, isn't it? :)
Sheila said…
Oh what wonderful sugary goodness and Happy Birthday to Karen , don't think I could resist these cakes either .
Loved the look of the cakes. It was my birthday on Sunday and I ate far too many cakes and am now feeling the difference around my middle! Well done you for saying no. Joan
They do, indeed, look very tempting!

have a great week!
Betty Manousos said…
an exceptional shot!

that looks so delish!

happy 4th!
Angie's Recipes said…
Gosh..I wouldn't stop just eating 2! They are cool!
Debbie said…
ooohhh ellie, it's so hard and i am so very weak!!
Heidi said…
Great photo, would love to have some of that sweetness.
I love the photo of the hearts, so pretty. You know that you are not alone when it comes to having a hard time not eating sweets,I have the same problem.

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