Green Day

Phew - well all I can say is thank goodness it's friday.
I've had quite a busy week, with all the extra hours at work and trying to fit everything else in  too. I've not even been able to spend as much time on my blog and visiting yours. 
So tonight I'm here for a wee while but I'm feeling a tad tired so I may even try and go to my bed early. That is something I very rarely manage to do. 

With all that said I wanted to get my post up for Fiona at raindrops and daisys 
 link up called  Green Day .

I have to say this about having a lot of rain, everything is looking lovely and green and healthy. We have had a couple of quite nice days which is lovely.  
Hopefully I'll even get chance to go out this weekend and get some pictures taken.  

Hope you have had a more exciting week than I have!!!


Giga said…
Ostatnie zdjęcie jest wspaniałe, zielone. Odpocznij, nie można cały czas na pełnych obrotach żyć. Pozdrawiam.
The last photo is great, green. Relax, you can not always live at full speed. Yours.
Hope you get soom rest soon Ellie.

Please try and relax a bit over the weekend
al work and no play.....

Beautiful photos you are sharing with us (as always)

I'm wrecked too and just sitting watching Downton Abbey on dvd with my daughter but like you think I need an early night.

Take care

Fiona x
Evi said…
Nice pictures Ellie! I wish we got some rain here,too! They've started cutting off the water supply again as they did last summer here and It's the worst that can happen on a heatwave day!
Ah well I've complained enough for today...
Enjoy your weekend!
My name is Riet said…
Nice pictures Ellie. On your other blog I read you are taking lessons, I was planning that too some time ago and I forgot all about it. I know what you mean by trying and making so many photo's and maybe still not be satisfied.Especcialy things in the house I find difficult to photograph. Have a nice weekend
Leovi said…
Wonderful website with powerful intense green.
Everything is looking very lovely. We need rain here.
orchid0324 said…
Good Morning from Japan, Dearest Ellie.
It is nice that you had good rain for your plants and your pictures a gorgeous as usual♡♡♡
Please take Care and have some rest, my friend♬♬♬
Sending you lots of love and hugs, xoxo Miyako*
Vores have said…
Great pictures you show.
Wishing you a good weekend :)
Cloudy said…
Wunderschöne Aufnahmen zu diesem tollen Projekt...

Lieben Gruß
eileeninmd said…
Pretty shots, Ellie! It is nice to see everything growing so well. Thanks for sharing, I am visiting from Green Day. Have a great weekend.
Love the flowers and rustic bridge. I hope you have a stress free and relaxing weekend. Joan
Pat MacKenzie said…
Your green pictures are many shades. It's my favorite color. Hope you have a restful weekend.
Rose said…
Sounds like you have been really busy...I would love to be seeing all this green! It is beautiful.
Debbie said…
these are "lovely" ellie, just "lovely"!!!
Lovely green! and my goodness there is A LOT of green around thanks to the relentless rain! We just need a few sunny days to appreciate it all :)
My part of Canada would be thrilled to have some of that rain. Everything in your photos looks so lush, whereas I have some rather droopy daisies today.
Anonymous said…
I love all the green!
Hope you get some rest this weekend.
Joyful said…
A very beautiful garden. Everything is so lush. That is the blessing of rain ;-)
Kranky Granny said…
Wish you could send some rain out way. I feel I am fighting a loosing battle trying to keeps many plants alive with a garden hose.

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