The Headless (and legless) Statue

Yesterday we paid a visit to Eglinton Country Park near Irvine.
We were there in February this year - I did a couple of posts on it, you can see the posts I did here and here if you like.
While we were wandering around yesterday we found this statue and I just had to go and take a closer look. 

I did think it was quite strange that there were no heads on either of them and that one of them had a leg missing. 
Well, thereis a bit of a story to this statue.  I found out about it on google - isn't google a wonderful thing ?
The inscription on it says "ye maunna tramp on the Scotch thistle laddie" (maunna meaning mustn't). The statue is of an old man, and a young boy who has stood on a thistle, the old man is trying to take the thistle out of the boys foot.
The statue was commissioned around 1888 by the Kelvingrove International exhibition by Paisley soap manufacturer Isdale and McCallum to advertise their Thistle soap. The statue sat on their factory's roof until about 1971 when the building was demolished and it was then brought to Irvine by an Ayrshire business man.  It was later taken to Eglinton Park where it now sits. 
I am extremely embarassed to say the reason why there are no heads and that the leg is missing is because of vandalism. 
What a senseless waste!!  
 I will never for the life of me understand why people do these things. 
Vandalism is one of my pet hates I'm afraid!!!
Anyway I liked the statue, headless or not, and wanted to share it with you.


TexWisGirl said…
i did a lot of stupid stuff when i was young, but none of it resulted in permanent damage, thankfully.
Jill said…
What a shame! It is lovely and imagine it so much sweeter all in one piece.
Lisa said…
For some reason, I'm getting some weird font that looks like Greek when I try to read your I have no idea what you said! :-(( I LOVE the photo, though!
Jeanne said…
That is such an interesting story about this statue, and what a shame it is when people destroy things like this that are irreplaceble. Yes , google is amazing
Debbie said…
Interesting story!! I love google, what did we do before??
Buttons said…
Oh that makes me sad too. I be it was even more beautiful with the heads and leg. B
Fiona said…
I love the photo Ellie
it is great
head or not
- but sad that someone decided
to behead the poor chap :(

Great pic though.
but then your photos are always great

Sheila said…
How dreadful someone who go to the effort to destroy something so unique and full of history , doesn't make any sense does it , too bad someone wouldn't restore it . Thanks for sharing the history behind it and I agree google is wonderful.
how awful!!! such a shame - but a lovely post!
mary x
Anonymous said…
What a nice history to share with us. It's too bad that some people ruin things with their nonsense!
I will never understand why people do some of the things that they do, so sad. I do like the photo, it looks like it was a great statue.
Sandra said…
I love statues and the meanings behind them. This one is symbolic with its message... Yet we put our feet on thistles all the same, don't we?! We learn by our experiences and just try not to tread on the same thistles twice!
Paul said…
I'm with you in a dislike for vandalism. It is really sad that people get pleasure out of destroying other people's creations!
Nancy Claeys said…
I think the vandal has no respect for him or herself, and this is what results. Very sad to see, but I do love the statue nonetheless.
Rose said…
I am with you on hating vandalism/thieving. I do not understand what people get out of things such as this.
Vandalism! I'm afraid there's no accounting for stupid and toughtless actions.

I seemed to miss the Eglington blogs first time round (I'm often out and about and it's easy to miss blogs when you follow a pile). I like links to previous blogs when they apply.

I was aware of the Earl of Eglington and a great pile of things seem to be named after him around Ardrossan and Largs, so good to see the park and castle - it all helps tie things together.
Anonymous said…
Vandals usually do things like these because they are drunk and egged on by each other and sometimes even because they are forced to, but they don't realize what a wonderful piece of art they are ruining.
Anonymous said…
The boy in the statue is my great Uncle Alexander Stirling Cross.
We sadly died in the First World war.
The statue was so popular at the 1888 Glasgow Exhibition that Isdale and McCallum of Paisley used it as their trademark for their soap products.
Does anyone know the identity of the older man?

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