The Car And It's Leaking Radiator

Karen discovered these seeds and decided to grow them to see what they looked like.

They are called Black Dragon Coleus - with a name like that you really would want to see what they would like don't you think.

Anyway here it is - it is quite unusual.

Really pretty leaves, I'm not sure if it will flower, we will have to see!!!

We are having car troubles at the moment - cars are great when they work but a real pain in the rear when they don't.  

Our Audi (an old car) has sprung a leak in it's radiator.
 So on Saturday Danny decided he was going to fix it.  First of all he had to take the front bumper off - much easier said than done. It wasn't just a case of unscrewing it but maneuvering it and a lot of  pushing and pulling to unclip it. 
It took a long time to get it off but he did manage it -well done Dan :))

The next stage was to get the leaking radiator out - another problem  - the bolt was locked tight and wouldn't budge so he had to break it eeeek.  
I had to go to the parts department and buy new ones - and I did that today.

Tonight it is really miserable - drizzly rain and quite chilly. Poor Dan is out there in the rain putting the new radiator in. Hopefully he will be finished soon - it's now 9pm. 
I've just made a nice cup of coffee for him to have. So I'm going to see if he is nearly finished. 

Update - the radiator is in just the front bumper to go back on - that's tomorrow nights job!!


TexWisGirl said…
so nice your hubby is handy and willing to do it! :)
Jill said…
I have coleus like that and love it.

Way to go to your husband! It's nice he's handy like that. Glad it's almost done!
Fiona said…
Wow those seeds certainly did well.

Karen obviously has green fingers.

Hope Danny can work his magic on the car!

Have a lovely week.


ps Ellie I am going on holiday tomorrow so won't be around to comment on your blog posts
- just thought I would let you know
in case you thought I wasn't interested in replying!!!

rotten when the car needs fixed but at least Danny can do it himself rather than paying for the labour at a garage........they sure know how to charge.

Your coleus plant will have small purple flowers abit like the flowers of a Veronica. They are insignificant and the plant is grown more for it's foliage rather than flowers and most people pick the flowers off. You did well to grow them from seed.
Sheila said…
This coleus plant will eventually bloom but they are not meant to be grown for their flowers which are not all that pretty ,more for the colorful leaves , I was actually told to snip those off as the plant will be come spindley , not sure if that is true .If I remember right the flowers are a purple . Good luck with your car.
Buttons said…
The plant is beautiful. Sorry about the car if you could send the rain this way:) B
Debbie said…
that dan, he's a handy guy!!

your plant kinda matches your new carpet. i don't think those flower, but i'm not sure!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Do you know Ellie, I never realized that coleus flowered until just this weekend. I've never planted any, and I guess I've never seen it in the flowering stage, but it is really quite beautiful!

We could definitely use some of your rain!!
Jeanne said…
It is so handy to have a husband who can fix things as it can save so much money! Think though it is only good if you are not the husband. Your coleus is lovely and will get some tiny flowers on it. Think the main beauty of coleus though is the colorful leaves. Lovely post! Keep us posted on the radiator
Jane said…
It is never easy to accept when the car is down. I like you are lucky in the respect my husband can fix anything. However if it is a fancy new car with micro chips, he won't touch it.
I am so glad you are soon to have new wheels on the road. Someone is going to work, right? Keep us posted on your car process.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic plant, leaves have a beautiful composition of colours and shapes. I am greeting
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Wonderful plant, isn't it♡♡♡ Your daughter Karen sure takes after you♪

Oh, car problem!!! What a fabulous talented husband you have, mine will never able to do that job, p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Lisa said…
I love coleus. The other commenters are right, though - pick the "flowers" when it blooms, otherwise it will become long and leggy. You can also pinch leaves/stalks if it becomes too leggy and can stick those stalks into the soil and they will root as well.

So sorry about your car - it's so frustrating, isn't it? But aren't you lucky that Dan is able to take care of it for you!
Rose said…
Wouldn't it be wonderful if cars didn't break down...we now have a garage when Roger has to work on one. But he has did it plenty of times laying on the ground and out in the weather.
geetlee said…
oops about the broken radiator and the rainy weather. I love the plant though.. so pretty. The light falling on it is delicious too :)
Paul said…
I love the colour and pattern of the leaves, Ellie!
Carline Embry said…
Good thing your husband is a well-versed mechanic, and that there is a nearby shop in your place that sells auto parts to save your day. There are varying factors that can lead to radiator leaks. It can be corrosion, freezing, puncture, old age, or weak radiator cap. What you can do is regularly check, clean, and maintain your radiator to make sure that it's working well and fine.
Carline @

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