Pumpkin Flower

Karen bought some pumpkin plants the other week and I thought to myself "that's a bit adventurous, even for Karen" .

But this morning while I was going around the garden looking at what we have thriving
(and not thriving) I saw this beautiful yellow flower.  
I looked to see what it was and low and behold it was Karen's pumpkin plant.

It's beautiful - so yellowy and summery looking. 
The petals look like fine pieces of paper - almost like crepe paper.

I'm hoping this means we are going to get a pumpkin!!!

My apple tree is still doing well but a lot of the wee tiny apples have fallen off - oh no!!! They are not allowed to do that - I can see my apple stash dwindling before my very eyes. 
My blueberry plant is not doing so great either - there are a few blueberries growing but nowhere near as many as last year.
And my tomato plants - remember I bought them a few weeks back.  Well I managed to totally kill one of them, a couple of them are looking so-so. But I have two healthy looking plants. So here's hoping I get as least some lovely tomatoes. 
I think I may have over watered them. According to Karen that is what she thinks I have done, I can only bow to her superior knowledge as she far more of an expert in the garden than me.

Anyway that's what is happening in our garden at the moment.

On another note - I've been reading a fellow blogger's tale of escaping from a forest fire and let me tell you it made for frightening reading. 
I hope that these fires dampen down soon and you get some well deserved and needed rain.  
My heart goes out to everybody who is involved in this tragedy. 

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Wonderful photos of the pumpkin flower - you even captured the details of the hairs. Do they only last a day like zucchini flowers?
deb duty said…
The pumpkin blossom is lovely! Sounds like you've been busy planting. Hope you have a wonderful harvest. The home grown tomatoes are my favorite. I always miss them when summer is over.
Lisa said…
I love the pumpkin flower - such a pretty shade of yellow! I'm a bit envious of your garden. Mine looks very sad and miserable after us being gone for almost two weeks, and now this horrendous heat we're having.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
I've never seen the pumpkin flower; such a cute summery beauty♡♡♡
I'm not sure if I told you; after hubby made his hobby room, my little place for planting flowers and a bit veggies were gone for it(^^;) Hoping your grow well, dear friend!!!
Sending you love from Japan, xoxo Miyako
Jill said…
Such beautiful captures of the lovely pumpkin flower. Great job, Ellie!

Hang in there with all of your plants and trees. Hopefully, all will produce more than you expect. :)
Ellie the weather this year has not been good for fruit trees, or early vegetables, so it may have nothing to do with you that plants are not looking good. Just blame the weather :) Diane
Sandra said…
Gorgeous yellow pumpkin flower, Ellie!
I'm actually amazed that any plant life can produced flowers and fruit with all this rain that has been falling. The flowers which are thriving the most in my little window-box garden are my orange and yellow nasturtiums!
Absolutely wonderful photography ~ hoping for pumpkins for you ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)
Anonymous said…
They do look kind of like crepe paper, don't they... very pretty =)
Laurel's Quill said…
Never tried a pumpkin, since they take up so much space. My tomatoes are very "rangey" ( spindley) but I do have some nice fruit.
Karen said…
I love squash blossoms! My zucchini are flowering like crazy but I have yet to see any zucchini!
TexWisGirl said…
you make a pumpkin bloom as beautiful as a rose. :)
Tamar SB said…
So gorgeous!!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful flower!
I love their crinkled texture.
Happy day to you, Ellie!
HoodPhoto said…
Good luck on getting a pumpkin! I have never had much luck with pumpkins or other squash. The flowers always drop off before they grow. :(

If you get a chance, stop by my blog and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!
Rita said…
What a lovely capture you shared with us today. I always enjoyed visiting the garden when i was a kid while the squash were in bloom. Like this pumpkin they have such lovely yellow blooms.

Did I say I love yellow flowers.
Rose said…
Beautiful shots of the pumpkin flower....
Nancy Claeys said…
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you regarding your garden plants. It's been a tough spring and summer.

And I have been reading Feral's writings as well. So sad.
Roan said…
I really like the color of pumpkin blossoms, such a deep, dark yellow. I hope you still get plenty of apples and blueberries. The raccoons have been digging up our tomato plants. We had to put cages with tops over them, which seems to have worked. We have several green tomatoes. Can't wait for them to ripen. Love fresh tomatoes.
beautiful pumpkin flower!
i haven't had much luck with my blueberry plant...but fortunately we have WILD blackberries growing all around...ripe and ready for the picking!
geetlee said…
gorgeous! xo

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