Friday Greenery

Well it's the time of week again when I have t0 say - yay it's Friday :))
 I will be finished work today by 6pm and then there are two whole days before I go back. 
It is a lovely feeling. :)

Even better, in two weeks I stop for my 2 weeks annual summer leave.  Not that we are going anywhere but we will probably do a few day trips. I am fair looking forward to it and it can't come quick enough.  

Well with it being Friday it means it is also Green Day  at Raindrops and Daisys.  So here is my offering for today.

And it's also time of the week for Weekend Reflections so sharing this one there :))

I also spotted this old car (I've no idea what it is) but I really liked it, and I love the colour too. It's not a great picture because it is a big zoom but I wanted to put it up. 
We don't see that many vintage cars around here - and I think this one is a cracker!!!

As some of you may know, I am trying to lose a bit of weight and get healthier. 
Well I'm pleased to say that I have finally lost my 1st stone - yay go me!!!!  
Can you tell I'm feeling quite pleased with myself :))
I already feel better for it but I do have another couple to go. It may take me quite a wee while to get there, but I'm feeling quite pleased with myself - 'cause it's not easy.
Anyway I promise not to go on too much about it :))

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!


Cloudy said…
Die Aufnahmen sind toll, und ja, der Oldtimer ist ein Highlight...

Lieben Gruß
Sandra said…
Big congratulations on the loss of your first stone! Well done. I know hard it is to get there! I like the "green" photo. There's plenty of green in Britain this year with all the rain! It's the same here too!
Happy Friday with your great news, keep up the good work. I love the old car.
Jill said…
Lovely photos, Ellie.

And a BIG WAY TO GO for you! You're doing great!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a great nature you have around you and I always enjoy them through your pictures♡♡♡ Really lovely old car♬

Yey! Good of you; it must need a lot of determination, and I admire you for that!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
TexWisGirl said…
what does a stone equate to in weight loss?

i love your beautiful photos. the car is quite a beauty, too.
Mary said…
That's a beautiful place.
Well you admirable girl, you, losing so much. Good for you. And I love your green pictures.

It is hot, dry summer time here, and much of our surroundings are "golden" as in light tan and dried out. the only things still green are those we water several times a week.
Happy weekend.
Debbie said…
oh ellie, i have no idea how much a stone is but it matters not, it is progress!!

i am soooo happy for you!!
joanne said…
great pics of a lovely spot.....I like the car's blue, too...
Jeanne said…
i do love this car and what a fun photo. Have a wonderful weekend Ellie, and know you are looking forward to having 2 weeks off. hope it comes soon!
Giga said…
Oba zdjęcia są bardzo ładne, a stary samochód rewelacyjny. Perspektywa urlopu, to wspaniałe uczucie. Wreszcie będzie można odpocząć. Pozdrawiam.
Both pictures are very nice, and amazing old car. The prospect of leave, it feels great. Finally, you can relax. Yours.
sexta-feira said…
I love all the pictures, but the place in the first one is just so peaceful!
Goku shrestha said…
love the pics
happy weekend :)
Rohrerbot said…
Hope you enjoy your vacation! You have some beautiful shots here. Love the car and color! But I love that planter around that huge tree....what a treat! Have a good weekend! Chris
Hanne Bente said…
Great pictures you show.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Wishing you a good weekend :)
Hanne Bente
BlueShell said…
Love the reflection---

Have a green Saturday!
Kayla said…
I have no idea how much a stone is either....but since I am going through this right now doesn't matter. What matters is that you did it and did not give up! So proud of you!
Eileen said…
These are beautiful Ellie, especially the second one. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie,

Congratulations on losing a stone, it feels good doesn't it? :) I'm trying to get a little in shape my self, my thighs need some slimming ;)
Hope your annual summer leave comes really soon!
Lovely vintage car too
Louisette said…
Lovely fotos and old car, best regard from Belgium, in a national day .Have nice days in july, here raining too much;
Your pictures are lovely...the green in the first, the reflections in the second, and the vintage blue car!
Claudia Moser said…
Such a lovely collection!
Roan said…
1 stone doesn't sound like much, but I read your earlier post and know it is an accomplishment! Congratulations! Love that old blue car.
Rose said…
Way to go on losing the weight!

I love old cars...we see quite a few around here.
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie

Greetings from Ireland (where the sun is shining
I can hardly believe it - no rain!)
hope it's the same in Scotland!

Thanks for joining up with "Green Day" again Ellie,
it is great to have you contribute.

I am sorry that I am so late in visiting you but I was on holiday and only arrived back in the early hours of this morning, so lots and lots of catching up to do!

Lovely photos.

Wishing you a happy Thursday

Take care

Fiona x
Fiona said…
well done on the weightloss!

After being on hols
I am afraid to stand on the scales!

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