The Smiley Face Query

I just love seeing unusual plant life - or at least they are unusual to me!!

When I was out on my bike last night - I'm beginning to really enjoy saying that:) - I saw these rather different leaves.
There wasn't very many of them and there were no flowers on the plant. Does anybody know what they are?  

Crocosia - thanks Joy and Fiona :)

Now, even I know this is a rose but isn't it a beautiful one. A perfect specimen if you ask me.

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On a different note - you know when I put :)) after a sentence, well I think that is a big smiley face. But Danny was reading my blog the other day and he said "why do you put smiley faces with a double chins on your blog?"  
Now I'm hoping I'm right with my interpretation with big smiley face and it's not a double chin. 
Please prove me right someone.

On that note:
:))) (tee hee)


TexWisGirl said…
i'm laughing at your double chins! :)

that first plant looks like blooms ready to burst!
Tamar SB said…
That plant is so fun looking!!
I agree that first plant does look like buds ready to burst. Ellie please keep an eye on them and let us know what happens. Diane
Debbie said…
i am not up to date on the chin thing!! i just thought it made the smile bigger ;)))))

that white rose is perfection!!
joy said…
The plant is called crocosmia, and they are actually flowers about to open, go back in a few days and you'll see. They are my absolute favourite plant.
I love my bike too, but haven't been out on it for ages.
Joy x x
Lisa Gordon said…
I don't know what they are, Ellie, but we have them too. I found them really difficult to photograph, but you have done so, beautifully here.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Fiona said…
Hi Ellie

Definitely crocomosia
I have them in the garden
in red, yellow and orange
they are beautiful

Your photos are great too.

Jill said…
Love that first plant and agree with others that it looks like a bloom waiting to open. I never even noticed a second ) on your smiles. Shows what I know! ha!
Giga said…
Jak nazywa się kwiatek, już wiesz. Dla mnie :-))) to większy uśmiech niż :-). Pozdrawiam.
What is the flower, you know. For me, :-))), the bigger smile than :-). Yours.
Jeanne said…
Glad you are enjoying your biking Ellie! That is a very interesting crocosia. I have never seen one. lovely
Anonymous said…
I love the first shot! What a beautiful plant!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Good of you that you are enjoying your biking♡♡♡ Oh, beautiful rare plants, and wonderful pictures as usual!!!
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
I love the first picture of the plant. It is something different, I have never seen anything like this before.
I hadn't heard of the double chin thing either, trust one of the young ones to point it out :))

And I meant to thank you for sending birthday greetings to my good bloke, he was chuffed :D)

Sandra said…
Oh what beautiful crocosmia in its early stages. Do go back and photograph it when it develops! Lovely white rose too!
Keep cool if you're still getting hot weather! It's very hot and humid here, though storms are coming for the weekend.
Here's a double chin smile back ;))
Rose said…
I'm not sure who is right about the double chin you, I think of it as being a really happy, happy face!

I LOVE that first bloom/whatever it is. It is gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
That is a beautiful bloom - I've never seen anything like that.

I'm laughing over Danny's comment.
Linda Makiej said…
Terrific work here.... just great!!
geetlee said…
I think :)) means extra big smile too but I like Danny's interpretation ;) I'll never be able to look at this smiley the same way again hahaha
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Mira Crisp said…
Please tell Danny that's not a double chin, that's a big smile for sure! I do that too! :)) wink-wink

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