The Nice And The Not So Nice!!

Don't you think these flowers looks as if they are made of tissue paper. But I can assure you they are the real thing because I sneaked this picture at the garden centre.
I couldn't make up my mind which picture I preferred so I put them both up. :))
 So pretty!!!

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This is totally unrelated but yesterday morning I was sitting having my breakfast and I was hearing an awful din.  I looked out of the patio doors and saw on the roof on the house at the bottom of my garden a bird fight. It looked quite nasty too. I have never seen anything like this before.
There was about 6 magpies and 3 crows. It went on for about 10/15 minutes - they were dive bombing each other and making an awful noise. 
Finally it looked like one of the magpies was injured - it was sitting quite still on the edge of the roof. Then all of a sudden it fell onto the next level of the roof  and lay upside down in the gutter.  
It was amazing how quickly the birds all disappeared at this point and we didn't hear or really see another magpie all day after that. 
It kind of made me think of that old Hitchcock film "The Birds" - do you remember that one? Scary film!!

We have lots of these what I call bully birds around here - magpies, crows and seagulls.
 The wee birds don't really get a chance. I do sometimes hear them - which is lovely - but don't see them very often.


Not nice is it? I often see buzzards ( and I always think of them as big birds) being persued by crows....and the crows winning!!! Loved the flowers. Joan
Jill said…
Beautiful photos!

I always get so sad when things like that happen but I guess that's just part of nature.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
The beautiful flowers are a bit similar with azalea, do you think? Really lovely ♡♡♡
Oh, birds fight and Haha, with my age I do remember the movie. It must have been a little scary. Although we have trouble with crows, I have never seen these fights.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Sandra said…
Beautiful flower shots. I love the colour of that first one!
Amazing the aggressivity of those fighting birds... sometimes they're just as bad as human beings...
I remember seeing the Hitchcock film "The Birds". Very scary!
TexWisGirl said…
i do like the tissue-y blooms. the 'gang fight' sounded intense.
Sheila said…
Beautiful blooms , so delicate . I have seen and heard a crow fight once and it was dreadful , they kept going until they killed one of them but the noise was horrible. Glad that doesn't happen too often .
Enjoy your day.
Filip & Kristel said…
Excellent flower shots.

Buttons said…
Hi Ellie I do remember that movie it scared me:). I love those flowers they look so delicate.
I had never seen a Magpie till I went on the train to Vancouver and I wondered what they were I seen it near Edmonton. People told they they were nuisance birds I thought they were pretty:) B
MG Atwood said…
such delicate nice shots!
Anonymous said…
You are right, Ellie! They do look as if they are tissue paper - so pretty and dainty.

(The Birds is still one of my favorite films)
Blond Duck said…
Those are gorgeous!
Debbie said…
i am not a fan of that movie or bully birds. i suppose it's part of the circle of life, i just don't want to see it!!

gorgeous blooms, they do look like paper!!
Rose said…
Both shots are might as well share the both of them...

what a sight those birds must have been.

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