Memorial Garden

I don't know if you have heard of Gordon Brown the Scotland rugby player. He came from our town and was known locally as "Broon frae Troon" (Brown from Troon). He was very well known around these parts. 
Sadly he died in 2001, aged only 53, from cancer.

A memorial garden was built to commemorate him and it is a very pretty wee spot in town. 

I thought I'd show you it.

It  was built using feng shui principles - with flowers, a stream and seating. From the back of the garden looking through the arches you can see the sea which apparantly brings energy in.

Three specially commissioned wooden seats were also put in place. 

Each seat was designed to reflect some of Gordon's attributes each built with a different type of wood which have Gaelic mythology.

I took a picture of the plaque but it's not very clear to read so I printed it out to make is easier to see.

The 'Little Seat' is the highest to sit on and makes you feel small. This is made from ash, which represents strength and control in all aspects of life.

The central 'Tower of Strength Seat is made from oak, which represents strength, foundation, endurance and triumph. This seat hugs your back and makes you feel safe.

The 'Big Seat' is the smallest and makes you feel big. It is made from elm, which is associated with high aspirations and the desire to achieve. The twist in the back of the seat represents the unexpected twist in life.

The garden was built to promote peacefulness and tranquility and I have to say it does!!


TexWisGirl said…
i really like the arches and the curving path, but i have to say the 3 stools are pretty ingenious.
Jill said…
I love the stools and what they stand for. A very pretty place.
Eileen said…
A very special place. It looks lovely. Great photos as usual Ellie
geetlee said…
I love the stools too. Looks like a beautiful place.
Sheila said…
What a lovely tribute , I love the chairs and the meaning behind them . Thanks so much for sharing .
This is such a beautiful garden. I love the chairs.
Debbie said…
you visit some really amazing places!! i LOVE those stools!!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a special place, this is☆☆☆
Wonderful tribute for him and your pictures look so great sending us the meaning!
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Lea White said…
Oh what a beautiful little place! It looks really special!
Paul said…
Far too young to die! Thanks for sharing the memorial to Gordon Brown!
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic photographs, beautiful flowers and it is interesting structure. I am greeting
Kayla said…
That is a beautiful little garden. I love the benches and their meanings. What a great tribute.
Nancy said…
A lovely tribute -- and I love the view looking through both arches. Inspiring! :)
Sandra said…
What an interesting post, Ellie. I loved reading about the feng shui principles and the open arches which brings in the energy from the sea.
I'm glad you wrote out the words from the Gordon Brown Memorial Seats. What a lovely text and all the seats are made out of different wood. I think I would like to sit in the "Tower of Strength" seat made from oak which hugs your back and makes you feel safe!
What a beautiful memorial for him. I love the seats:-).
Rose said…
I love that little garden....and love those seats.

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