The Big Old Moon

Well, Danny and I have the house to ourselves this evening. 
Laura is away visiting her boyfriend, Karen is working (sorry Karen) and Emma is out at an 18th birthday party.
So it was dinner for two for hubby and I - we even had a bottle of wine. A rare occurence let me tell you.
I thought I'd grab a piccy of Emma before she went out - doesn't she look nice. 
So very grown up.
In fact her last day of school was Wednesday. 
She is now on study leave and her first exam is on Tuesday. 
So in a couple of weeks she will have officially have left school. 
How can my three girls have got so grown up!!!

I was about the close the blinds at about 9.30pm and this was the sight that was before me.  I just had to run back down the stairs grab my camera and take a quick picture. 
It is a big bright moon - the only thing that could have made it better would be if the moon was just that wee bitty higher above the roof. 

I just love these lighter nights. 

Summer is coming everybody!!!!


Annabella said…
...or the roof tops were lower. Cute pic of your youngest Ellie!
Debbie said…
pretty moon, gorgeous emma!!

it's so cloudy here, i don't think we are going to see it!!
TexWisGirl said…
summer's almost here in texas. 90s. hot. getting dry again. :)
Nancy said…
Your daughter is gorgeous, Ellie -- and good for you to catch the moon. It was cloudy here and we had thunderstorms. Hoping for clear skies tonight.
Jill said…
Thanks for the moon. Raining here so no luck for viewing that beauty.

Emma looks lovely!
Lea White said…
Beautiful photos. Your Emma looks really pretty! We're going towards winter now. I really hate how early it gets dark nowadays :-(
Betty Roan said…
Summer seems to have arrived early here. It was a really hot day here. Thought I was still living in Texas. Beautiful daughter! Isn't it nice to have the house to yourself occasionally?
I love moonlit nights!
Enjoy your evening - Marsha
Sandra said…
Ah yes, children grow up and then they move away and you and Danny will be having lots of dinners for two!
Yes, indeed, Emma looks very nice.
Clever you, catching that full moon. The weather wasn't clear here, so I didn't bother to try and catch it. Apparently, it was a "super moon" and appeared to be really huge!
Have a lovely Sunday!
Tezzie said… have such grown up kids! It'll happen before I know it, I'm sure :) Sounds like a lovely evening with Hubs, and your daughter, indeed, looked very lovely!

And, I've got hopes that summer will eventually arrive here, too...we haven't had snow for about 2 weeks! :)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, your daughter Emma looks really beautiful♡♡♡ Time must fly so fast for mom!!!
It was kind of heartwarming to read you and your husband was alone in your house♪♪♪ Also, lovely moon.
Hope you are having wonderful bank holiday there, our so-called Golden Week is about to over.

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Always love your photos. Your daughter is gorgeous. Diane
Paul said…
We have a lovely big moon here also. A spectacular sight on a clear night! They certainly do grow up too fast.
Eileen said…
Lovely photo of Emma. I didn't manage to capture a pic of the moon, it was too cloudy here.
THat was the 'super moon!'. NASA sent out notices about it. It was in full perigee at the time of beeing a perfectly full moon, which apparently made it appear 15% larger and brighter.

: )))
~Monika K.
My kids appear to have grown up rather when I wasn't looking!!

I was reading in the paper today that the moon is at it's nearest point in a while last night. How kind of the weather to give us a few clear nights to see it.

Glad to hear Summer is on the way :)
It really is amazing how fast children grow up. My youngest one turns 19 in a little over a week. Your Emma is such a pretty girl. Also love the photo of the moon.
geetlee said…
Emma is really pretty.
Wasn't the moon fabulous over the weekend. So many beautiful pics of the moon all over blogosphere. Gotta love it.
Rose said…
Your daughter is a beauty...I knew the moon was going to be big but that was when Roger was feeling so bad...I just didn't have the heart to get my camera out.

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