Walking in Circles

We had a public holiday on monday - so no work yay.  I love getting an extra day off at the weekend :))
So,  I decided to take a walk - all by myself. 
I don't usually like to walk myself - I must be a bit boring or something lol. 
But I decided I was going to do it - and of course I took my camera with me!!!
I had discovered a pathway I've never been down before so decided to walk along it. It is in a wooded area and I had no idea where I would end up. I was walking for ages and was wondering where I would finally come out. The strange thing was when I did finally emerge it was only about  about 50 yards from where I started. I must have been walking in a circle and didn't realise it.
That felt very strange!!!

It was quite a grey day and the rain was on and off but it wasn't too cold. 
The funny thing was when I was walking under the trees I could hear the rain but I wasn't getting wet at all (always a bonus). 
It is so pretty just now with all of the little spring flowers - lots of lovely colour.

I spotted this blossom tree surrounded by bluebells. Very pretty!!!

Bluebells galore - did you know there are white and lilac ones as well (would they be called whitebells and lilacbells?). I knew about the white ones but I had never seen a lilac one before.

Can you see the lilac flowers in this picture below? There are a few dotted about but there is one quite near the the front of the picture. 

I love this pathway - it's sort of magical looking.

This blossom lined street was rather lovely too.

So there you have it - my very pleasant walk. And you know what else I didn't find my own company boring at all, lol.

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I don't always love walking by myself either, but if I have something to do, like listen to my ipod or taking pictures then it definitely is much more fun. Love all of the bluebells!
What a beautiful walk you had! Thanks for sharing.
Heather said…
the walk looks gorgeous. I didn't know there were white bluebells. I've never seen one.
Gorgeous shots! I'm loving the bluebells around here as well!
Nancy said…
I usually walk by myself (well, with two dogs in tow,) and I rather like it. Your photos are beautiful, Ellie -- especially the last one. :)
Lisa said…
How beautiful! And you are so lucky to have such a lovely place to walk!
Linda said…
What a lovely place for a walk! It looks very enjoyable and your photos were inviting. I especially love that trail (I am a sucker for trails and roads!)
So glad you took this walk ~ Photos are so beautiful ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

ps. consider linking up with my blog hop Magical Monday Meme ~ ^_^
Anonymous said…
Beautiful walk, Ellie! That path does look magical, like something out of a fairytale :)
TexWisGirl said…
wow, that path is lovely.
Karen said…
I rarely walk alone. Terrific shots, and that path looks like it leads into the enchanted forest.
Elena said…
Great pics! I love the curve of the tree trunk on that blossom tree! So pretty!
Kathy said…
So fun to explore on your own, to take your time, and take as many photos as you like without someone telling ya "ANOTHER PHOTO????" :)
Sherri B. said…
That walk looks so gorgeous! I wish I had a place like that near where I live...lovely images!
Sheila said…
Lovely path way to walk and it is rather magical , and I would think very therapeutic for the soul .Thanks for sharing your lovely world with us. hugs Sheila
Danelle said…
What a lovely place for a walk. :)
Tracy Wood said…
I wish I could walk down that path! Lovely!
What pleasant surroundings you have there.
Amy Burzese said…
The path does look interesting!
Sounds like you had a lovely walk. I walk for exercise so I like to walk by myself that way I can walk at the pace that I want to. Love your photos. The spring flowers are so pretty!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I wish I had lovely walking path. It sure is an ideal strolling place and I AM willing to be with you♡♡♡

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Paul said…
Certainly colourful flowers. Walking under the trees in the rain sounds fun.
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie, I'm catching up on bl0g-hopping after a more than busy week! I liked seeing your lilacbells! Isn't that a pinkbell in photo number five?! You certainly had a lovely walk and the trees acted as your umbrella! Perfect!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful places, fantastic photographs. I am greeting
Barb said…
Lovely walk, Ellie. Love all those flowers and I also love the solitude.
Buttons said…
I love walking in circles in my bush I certainly do not think spending anytime with you could possibly be boring.I would love to walk in circles with you some day. Beautiful place. Take care Hug B
Rose said…
I really enjoyed your walk;)

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