Global Market Day

Yesterday Karen and I visited a nearby town as they were having a Global Market Day.
 It is held once a year and the girls at my work had told me about it and said how good it was.  So I decided I wanted I see for myself and Karen fancied it too.

The Global Market is a group of stall holders from around the world selling their goods.  Anything from sweets and cakes right through to clothes and garden furniture.

I did take a couple of pictures however they aren't very good but I'll put them up anyway.  
The weather was really rotten, heavy rain and gusty wind yuk. 
I felt quite sorry for the stall holders it must have been very miserable for them.

Anyway here are the pictures.

The stalls weren't really set up for photographing.

This is the only half decent picture I could get - they were selling French scarves here, and very lovely they were too.

I did purchase a couple of items.  
This beautiful bowl made out of soapstone. Isn't it lovely!!!
Do you know that the elephants is my favourite animal - don't ask why 'cause I don't know, lol.

I also got this great picture. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.  
At the top it says - Home Is Where The Heart Is and I've got it hanging in the hallway.
 The colours really match the decor of the hall as well - always a bonus :))

Another purchase I made was some Italian soft nougat made with strawberries.  I just couldn't resist it. Mmmmm yum yum. I'm going to be eating that slowly and in little bits. I'm trying to watch the calories you know :))  

Karen also bought a couple of items - a beautiful dream catcher for herself and some Christmas presents - she likes to be organised :))

Anyway we really loved it and will definately go again when it comes back next year.


TexWisGirl said…
christmas gifts?! oh, i'm impressed!
Karen said…
Oh too bad the weather was so miserable day. Love your purchases! I would have bought a french scarf!
Jill said…
Lovely treasures! Sorry the weather was bad but it sure sounds like you made the most of it!
The weather there sounds as bad as the weather here.

Cold, raining and pure misery,
here's hoping things improve soon.

Love your purchases Ellie.

These are nice pieces of art.

Anna said…
Hi Ellie,
What a fun outing and opportunity to get some special finds! I particularly like that bowl - the color and design are very striking. Elephants are quite amazing creatures and a good choice for a fav animal:)
Hope you a have a great week!

P.S. My wall art quilts take months to complete. They are original designs that are often large and full of detail. Regardless of the time spent, I always enjoy creating them.
Sandra said…
Ellie, do you remember this song?
"Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and went off back to the circus, off she went with a trumpety trump, trump, trump, trump."! I love this bit: "The head of the herd was calling, far, far away, they met one night in the silver light on the road to Mandalay."!!!
Maybe that's why elephants are your favourite animal?!
I like the sense of movement in that elephant bowl you purchased and the feeling of heat coming from the sky!
It sounds like you had had fun visiting that market. I like the sound of the French scarves!
Oh yes, Ellie, that strawberry flavoured Italian soft nougat sounds perfect for your diet! I'm going to eat birthday cake today on mine! LOL!
geetlee said…
Wow, the global market looks like a ton of fun. Pity about the weather though. I'm sure the nougat was delicious (so jealous :))
Kerri said…
WOW - that bowl is AWESOME!!!!
Debbie said…
sounds like an awesome place!! love the bowl and i think i would own one of those scarves!!
Pat MacKenzie said…
The global marketplace sounds like a great idea. Maybe next year the weather will cooperate. Your elephant bowl is lovely, as is the 'home' picture. Great finds.
Rita said…
This looks like an event that I would certainly have enjoyed attending. Like Karen I am always on the hunt for unusual and creative gifts. I to shop all year for Christmas and Birthdays. Heck, I will stock pile small items that can be giving as a thank you or "Just because" gift.

Thanks for your visit to my little weeds. I appreciate your compliment.
What fun! I'm so impressed you were thinking ahead to Christmas!! Looks like you had a great day. Thanks so much for you lovely comment - much appreciated!!
Mary x
Betty Roan said…
Love, love, love that bowl. And the picture. Christmas gifts? Wow, it isn't even summer yet.
It sounds like fun. You made some great purchases. Karen sounds like my sister, she is always done with Christmas shopping long before the holiday.
Tricia said…
Oh, that sounds so interesting! It's too bad the weather didn't cooperate.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Every time I read these markets, I DO wish I could have a chance to purchase reasonable price items myself.
Happy for you to have found nice things for yourself. I would love to buy a scarf, haha.
Just sorry for the weather!

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*
Nancy said…
I would be in 7th heaven -- would not be able to resist the French scarves.
ooooh nice. so much cool stuff! to bad the weather wasn't behaving.

LOVE the soapstone bowl...
elephants are good luck. especially if their trunks are UP!
Rose said…
I always have a soft place for elephants...when I was young, I would say they were my favorite animal. Now I just love them all.

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