Ah!!! The Smell of Warm Bread

Now who else loves the smell of home made bread as it is baking? 

There is nothing quite like it!!!

I also love the taste of home made bread too. But I don't have the time to do it manually.
 So I do the next best thing - bake it in a breadmaker.
I generally make 1 or 2 loafs a week. 
Danny uses it for his sandwiches to take for his lunch and won't eat anything else now. .

Here are the ingredients I use:

1 teaspoons of dried yeast
375g Strong bread flour
125g Wholemeal bread flour
1 1/2 tablespoons of dried milk powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of  sugar
1 1/4 teaspoons salt, 
25g butter
300ml water

Pop it all into the breadmaker pan.

Place pan in the breadmaker, put on the timer 
and walk away.

And after the 4 hours this is what you get

Delicious warm bread.

 You canny beat it!! :))

And what could be easier.


Jill said…
I'm with you...nothing smells better. Yours look fantastic!
Do you know I haven't used my breadmaker for years as I was trying to stop eating so much bread!! You've made me want to get it out!! Thanks. Joan
Jeanne said…
Wow Ellie, you have just reminded me that i have a breadmaker that i have not used for the longest time. What is wrong with me. Think I will get it out and try your recipe. Have a wonderful week!
Tracy Wood said…
I agree - nothing smells better. I don't have a bread maker, but seeing that loaf makes me want one!
Nancy said…
I love fresh bread and make it by hand at least once a week. But it is time-consuming... your loaf looks awesome! Pass the butter! :)
Kayla said…
Nummy. Your loaf has such a nice shape....mine usually turn out all wonky!
I can just about smell it!! Thanks so much for stopping by my place and saying hi!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful loaf! I wish that photo was 'scratch n' sniff'!!
TexWisGirl said…
addictive, for sure.
Wow Ellie, that bread looks amazing.

I would love a breadmaker.

Hope all is well with you and family.

I am trying to play catch-up but think it will take me a long long while!


Fiona x
Jane said…
If I had bread like this, well it would be gone before it cooled, very additctive for me. Yours looks wonderful, and I can smell it here.

Is "canny" another term you need to define for me?
I am waiting for your word blog as you spoke of.

Never seen a hummingbird in real life?! Oh I hope you do someday. They are so adorable.
Pat MacKenzie said…
I haven't had home made bread in ages. When the kids were small and all at home I used to make a seven loaf batch every week. The house smelled heavenly. The first loaf was always devoured while it was still warm. I love warm bread with butter and molasses. Yum!
Karen said…
Yep, I have a breadmaker stored away too! Might be time to get it out!
Sandra said…
Now Ellie, how can you tempt us like that and then not invite us all over to tea?!
I adore homemade bread and when my children were young I used to bake twice a week. In those days, bread machines were not yet sold, so I had my Kenwood mixer to knead and then I finished it off by hand (loved that part)!
If I had the space in my small kitchen, I would be very tempted to get a bread machine!
Enjoy your tea!
Rose said…
I can almost smell it now...wish I had a piece fresh and hot out of the breadmaker...and butter to spread on it. Nothing better.

I used to work in a little bakery here and we only made italing bread, a few French loaves, and these little buns...and bread sticks.

every morn soon as the first loaves came out of the oven one of us would grab a loaf and we would usually just tear off a chunk and spread butter on it while still hot....YUMMY!
geetlee said…
Yummm!!!! I have never made bread, I would love to try. Nothing like home made bread!
Oh there's nothing like the smell (and taste!) of homemade bread!! yours looks fantastic :)
Mary oxo
I love the smell of bread baking. I think it is one of the best smell to fill your home with.
Lea White said…
Hmmmmm, now I'm hungry!
Betty Manousos said…
yay for homemade bread!
that looks so yummy!

i'll definitely have to try it out.
thanks so much for sharing.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic bread, very much I like home-made bread. I am greeting
Debbie said…
oh ellie, i love to bake but i have never made bread.

they sell it in the stores and bakeries also....just sayin!!
Oh if only I could smell that loaf - my mum has a breadmaker though I'm not so sure if she still uses it that often.
Buttons said…
Oh I can almost smell it I want some that was very unfair. :) Hugs B
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, I don't bake and I admire who do it and think how wonderful to be able enjoy the freshly baked one♡♡♡
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

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